Ryan and Dorkman Return!

by alphamonkey on December 18, 2006 · 1 comment

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The first Ryan vs. Dorkman short was rather well received (and deservedly so), so it’s with no small pleasure I await the second installment, which is slated March release.  This time around, the boys took donations to allow them to up the production value (as well as locale), and they’ve provided a little featurette detailing the production so far.

As with most sneak-peeks, this provides scant final footage of RVD2 (as the cool kids are calling it), but if a little more attention on the production gets it here that much faster, all the better.  And hey, they totally name check Transbuddha in the opening.  Sweet!

If you’re in the giving mood, the boys are seeking contributions to help cover the cost of scoring the sequel.  You should contribute if for no other reason than the bragging rights to say “That oboe note?  I totally covered that.”

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