Sony Plans to Sell Out the Human Race!

by alphamonkey on December 22, 2006 · 2 comments

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Don’t believe me?  Check out this spot in which robots wander through a city coveting our consumer goods.  Not only does Sony want us to believe that a city filled with robots wouldn’t be knee deep in human blood, they’ve got the gall to suggest that listening to My Chemical Romance on a sub-par Mp3 player will give the robots the ability to mimic our form!  If that’s not reason enough to ban both My Chemical Romance and crappy sub-par Mp3 players, I don’t know what is.

Shameless, I say. Shameless. 

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  • elkciN

    Wait, we need more reasons to ban My Chemical Romance? For crying out loud, when will our federal government take action?!?! Sure, there’s a war on terror overseas, but in the meantime we’ve got millions of kids succumbing to shitty music on our very shores. We could call it the ‘War on Bad Taste’ if you want, but if something isn’t done soon I will gladly welcome my death in the cold steel grip of robopacalypse. If anything, making them listen to that shit gives them justification to kill us all.

  • RazorFine

    Say what you want about My Chemical Romance, but it turns out Gerard Way is a pretty darn good comic writer.

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