The Big Blue Schoolboy vs. The Big Red Cheese

by alphamonkey on December 1, 2006 · 7 comments

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No, it’s not some weird branded viral game pitting Cheez-Its vs. giant asphyxiated students (though know that I think about it, that would be cool). It’s a hint of what I, longtime comic nerd, absolutely long for in a comic book movie.  Getting the origin right?  Cool.  Staying faithful to canon and character?  Even better.  But more than anything, anything, anything… I want to see some full on destruction.  To date, Richard Donner is the only director to understand just how stupid it is to pit superheroes against powerless foes.  Give us city destroying, earth shaking, mind melting action. 

You know, like this

Bryan Singer, I’m talking to you.  Give me something like this, and I’ll let you do whatever the hell you want with your next Superman movie.

This clip is from the surprisingly consistent Justice League Unlimited series, and it pits Superman (the Big Blue Schoolboy) against Captain Marvel (The Big Red Cheese).  It’s funny that two of the most powerful characters in the DC universe are such dorks, but there you have it.  Comic fans will note that the true money shot of this fight is a direct lift from Alex Ross and Mark Waid’s ‘Kingdom Come’ series.  And I realize that there are a number of you that won’t get this at all.  I could spend a couple paragraphs explaining Superman’s vulnerability to magic, or how Captain Marvel’s powers work, but let’s face it: Your eyes are already glazed over.  Just watch it and think: Holy crap, that would be so incredibly awesome to see on the big screen.

And that fulfills your daily recommended dosage of pure nerdoterica. 

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  • accukrak

    Seems like someone learned a thing or two from the Dragonball Z series in terms of fight choreography.

    Excellent, nonetheless! And yes, who wouldn’t cream in their pants to see that in the silver screen. Although you might want to tweak Capt. Marvel’s costume a bit since it’s kinda gay.

    Supes shoulda’ crushed the lil’ bugger’s head.

  • Busymm

    And this my friends is why I love anime 7 out of 10 times you find huge fights just like this one. We shall not speak of the 1 out of 10…..

  • Alan Rapp

    Awesome, if even they allow Superman to get the win (I’ll take Marvel any day).  You can check out our review for the season set over at Razorfine.

  • BADD

    This fight was also in a comic….  I am brain farting on what series it was.

    What is most interesting about the fight is that C. Marvel has the upper hand.

    One of the very few weaknesses of Superman is magic.  I liked how CM used “Shazam!” to actually hurt the man of steel.  I remember that CM nearly killed Supes with the lightning in the comic.

  • .alphamonkey.

    “This fight was also in a comic….  I am brain farting on what series it was.”

    Kingdom Come has the big Supes/Marvel fight. They don’t do the property damage, but Marvel giving Supes the mystic lightning treatment is certainly taken from KC.

  • Jontarou

    I remember this episode. The fight was very well done. But there was far too much property damage and viciousness to the fight for far too little reason, though. Superman was really acting like–well, a dick in that episode. Millions of dollars of damages and undoubtedly lost lives (though of course the latter isn’t touched on) because Superman was in a bad mood. Doesn’t feel like something Superman and Marvel would do.

    Imagining this on the big screen, though. Drool-worthy. I’d just want more meaning behind it.

    I miss “Justice League Unlimited.”

  • Dhsu

    I don’t remember if it turned out to be a hoax or not, but supposedly J.J. Abrams did a script involving an apocalyptic kung-fu fight between Superman and alien-possessed Lex Luthor.

    Maybe these things are better suited to the small screen after all.

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