The Domimentos Effect

by alphamonkey on December 7, 2006 · 0 comments

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Yes, those boys from EepyBird have once again tackled the Diet Coke/Mentos mountain*, and this time they’ve created their own Rube Goldbergesque domino effect using (as you might expect) Diet Coke and Mentos.  They call it ‘The Domino Effect, but I like mine more.  I totally claim creator rights for ‘Domimentos effect’.

*There’s a whole sordid story about Coca-Cola being very, very resistant to sanctioning the original Mentos fountain wave, but after a couple abortive attempts at their own in-house version, they seemed to have acquiesced and conceded that they don’t know jack all about viral video making.  Interestingly enough, this clip marks the one of the first instances of Google Video paying a content creator for the work via a cut of ad revenue.

Rockin’ your face with quality and context!  That’s the Transbuddha Promise!™

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