The Week in Film – Dec. 4th

by The Scarlet Harlot on December 4, 2006 · 12 comments

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What’s out there this week?

Walt Disney Pictures presents Apocalypto, a Mayan action-adventure of Oscar winning proportions. Rated R for sequences of graphic violence and disturbing images; way to go Disney!  Blood Diamond is a story of two African men with very different backgrounds, but with one quest: finding the pink diamond. Sadly, neither men knows that David Niven beat them to it.  Just in time(?) for that special season of love comesThe Holiday.  It’s got Jack Black in a romantic role (WTF?), and he’s out to charm Kate Winslet (and get a little, too).  Also starring girl hopper Jude Law and “I like them young” Cameron Diaz.  Unaccompanied Minors or is it Home Alone 5: Alone in an Airport?  Off the Black with Nick Nolte as a lonely drunk who works as an umpire for kid’s baseball games, and who hires one of the kids to pose as his son for his school reunion.  Be sure to watch for Pedro Almodóvar’s European and Cannes award winner starring Penélope Cruz, Volver.

C’mon in and let us get you ready for the week! 

Opening Friday:


Mel Gibson has the golden touch, or does he? We all know he’s a bit off his rocker, should be interesting to see what he’s come up with now. A master race of Mayans rape and pillage a nearby village for sacrifices, one man escapes and goes on a journey to save his family. Gibson mixes a very small amount of humor within his research of the Mayan culture and a great deal of brutality and violence. Apocalypto is almost 2.5 hours long and spoken in Yucatec (foreign language spoken in the Yucatan); it’s visually stunning, full of action and has very little dialogue. I can’t wait to see how many reviews are written on a comparison to Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

Projected 4 out of 5 stars. Watch the trailer here.

Blood Diamond

From the site: Set against the backdrop of the chaos and civil war that enveloped 1990s Sierra Leone, “Blood Diamond” is the story of Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), an ex-mercenary from Zimbabwe, and Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), a Mende fisherman. Both men are African, but their histories and their circumstances are as different as any can be until their fates become joined in a common quest to recover a rare pink diamond, the kind of stone that can transform a life…or end it.

Solomon, who has been taken from his family and forced to work in the diamond fields, finds the extraordinary gem and hides it at great risk, knowing if he is discovered, he will be killed instantly. But he also knows the diamond could not only provide the means to save his wife and daughters from a life as refugees but also help rescue his son, Dia, from an even worse fate as a child soldier.

Archer, who has made his living trading diamonds for arms, learns of Solomon’s hidden stone while in prison for smuggling. He knows a diamond like this is a once-in-a-lifetime find—valuable enough to be his ticket out of Africa and away from the cycle of violence and corruption in which he has been a willing player.

Enter Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly), an idealistic American journalist who is in Sierra Leone to uncover the truth behind conflict diamonds, exposing the complicity of diamond industry leaders who have chosen profits over principles. Maddy seeks out Archer as a source for her article, but soon finds it is he who needs her even more.

Projected 5 ouf of 5 stars. Watch the trailer here.

The Holiday

Awe, how sweet, two women can’t get it right so they switch homes for the holidays and find that perfect man, suited just for them. If life is that easy, I’m up for a change of address, anybody else game?

Projected 2.5 out of 5 stars. Watch the trailer here.

Unaccompanied Minors

Five kids are snowed in at an airport on Christmas Eve all alone, not a parent in site. Trying to outwit a pissed off airport official (Lewis Black) the kids try to find their families and bond in the process. Here’s a little silly family holiday humor.

Projected 1.5 out 5 stars. Watch the trailer here.

Limited Release:

Off the Black

A teenager, Dave Tibbel (Trevor Morgan), looks towards a alcoholic high school umpire, Ray Cooke (Nick Nolte) as a father figure. As the two become dependent on each other and closer friends, Ray asks Dave to come to his 40th high school reunion as his son. The deception pushes the two together and creates a strong bond.

Projected 3 out of 5 Stars. Watch the trailer here.


From the site: Three generations of women survive the east wind, fire, insanity, superstition and even death by means of goodness, lies and boundless vitality.

They are Raimunda (Pénelope Cruz), who is married to an unemployed labourer and has a teenage daughter (Yohana Cobo); Sole (Lola Dueñas), her sister, who makes a living as a hairdresser; and the mother of both (Carmen Maura), who died in a fire along with her husband. This character appears first to her sister (Chus Lampreave) and then to Sole, although the people with whom she has some unresolved matters are Raimunda and her neighbour in the village, Agustina (Blanca Portillo).

Projected 3.5 out of 5 stars. Watch the trailer here.

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  • Enslaved By Ducks

    Jesus, now we have yet another asshole spreading bullshit lies just like alphamonkey to deal with.


    Y’know, Disney just can’t win with you douchebags. you either shriek and bleat that they are way too over the top cutsey and smarmy and put out too many kiddie pictures or you scream and screech that they put out a pic like Apocalypto.

    And then you claim that Apocalypto is a Walt Disney Picture.

    That is an out and out lie.

    if you had bothered to go to and look up the sturio credits for Apocalypto, you would find that it’s an Icon production, which is Mel Gibson’s production company and it was distributed through Touchstone Pictures, which while I will grant is a separate comapny and separate division of the Disney company is in no way shape or form affiliated with walt Disney Pictures, except for having the same corporate parent.

    Walt Disney Pictures deals exclusively in “family entertainment” films, such as Toy Story, Cars, etc.

    Touchstone Pictures deals with the more adult films, such as Apocalypto.

    Yet just because you want yet another chance to slam Disney you claim, falsely that Apocalypto is a Walt Disney Pictures production.

    You are the quintessential example of a lying douchebag.

    I bet mommy and daddy are very proud.

  • elkciN

    Sweet mother of God, man! Do you need a hug? For fuck’s sake chill out a bit. So they got a credit wrong (I don’t know, I didn’t look it up), but I don’t think it was part of their deep-rooted hatred for Disney. Also, is douchebag just your favorite word, or do you just use it because you lack the knowledge of other descriptive pronouns? Either way, maybe throw a hyphen in there or something. Mix it up a bit, don’t be afraid to experiment.

    I don’t like Disney, but it’s not the movie thing. It’s the exploitation of children that gets me, every time.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Does Disney make profit from Touchstone?  Yes. Does Disney have the ability to affect what films their distribution houses handle? Yes. (They very famously nixed a few Miramax distro deals including Fahrenheit 9/11 and Dogma.)

    Did TSH attribute the films to Walt Disney Pictures?  No, she just highlighted the disconnect of a Disney company putting out a film like this in the holiday season.

    Get over yourself, EBD.  Perhaps you might consider either refraining from commenting, or learning to voice your comments in a less derogatory manner.  I won’t abide you insulting the people who work very hard to ensure there’s free content for you to enjoy everyday.

  • Enslaved By Ducks

    I’ve decided that I no longer wish to comment on Transbuddha!  Sorry for being such a douche! (Translated by .alphamonkey.)

  • BADD

    Do we even want to know what he wrote there?  I’m afraid to find out.

  • Your Good Twin

    You know, regardless of the whole “parent company” argument, maybe you should get YOUR lies straight?  Her mention of the film is VERY lacking in opinion, commenting more on how much opinion there will be from OTHERS.  “Scream and screech that they put out a pic like Apocalypto”?  The only comment about their involvement was “Way to go Disney!” which if ANYthing is complimentary!  I hardly find anything worthy of this tirade and you should really feel bad for blowing up like that.

    But ah, aside from that, welcome back Scarlet!  I have not seen you post something in a long time and assumed you had parted us.  Kind of an odd Transbuddha post, can we assume this will be a weekly feature?  Perhaps it would be more appropriate on a Thursday or Friday?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Aha! Someone didn’t read the first post of the day very clearly. For shame!

    Here’s the breakdown:

    Mondays will have a ‘coming this week’ post, and Fridays will feature full reviews. There will also be TV, DVD, and Comic posts sprinkled in throughout the week.

  • elkciN

    You got Razorfine in my Transbuddha!

  • The Scarlet Harlot

    Thanks for the welcome back and support with the snarky little man above. The fact is, I did give the film a generous 4 out of 5 star projection and only used a bit of tude with the comment in regards to Disney. Some people just don’t have anything better to say…soooo there. smirk

    I think you all might be seeing a little more of me, maybe.

  • BADD

    OK seriously folks this guy is a total and unabashed troll ignore his ass or he will get worse.


    Go take a long walk off your short dick and go find a forum that actually might play your games.

    This (I hope) will be the last time I acknowledge you.

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    I agree with BADD.  What?  Ought oh!  This might mean end of civilization as we know it.

    By the Way EBD, did you notice that Scarlet, while having a little fun by pointing out Disney’s hypocrasy at promoting both Mickey Mouse and a film of this vein with equal fervor, did predict an extremely positive (4 out of 5 star) projected review?  Or were you too busy to actually read through the entire post before you started your rant?  Is she right or wrong?  Guess you’ll just have to wait until Friday to find out.

  • BADD

    I think as long as we steer clear of political, enviromental, and religious issues, we could even probably be friends…….(wink).

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