The Year In Music Videos – December

by alphamonkey on December 29, 2006 · 7 comments

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Well here we have it, folks.  The final round of our 12 months of Transbuddha music video madness.  The last of 79 music videos whittled down from a whopping 438 posted this year. And it only took me 11 hours to put together! 

I think it’s safe to say that we had some kickass music videos to help us waste our daytime, working, and general slacking off hours.  None of which could have been accomplished without those of you who submitted posts, sent links, or just spend enough time here to make this worth our while.  So let’s bust out these last few videos and give this year the wrap-up it deserves.

  • Adam Samberg & Justin Timberlake – Dick in a Box:  Once again a tough choice, but the fact that Samberg and Timberlake obviously put some time into writing and performing this song made it an easy win. It works both because it’s a tremendous send up of those hokey late 90’s love songs, but also because it’s just a well put together tune.
  • Pizzicato Five – It’s a Beautiful Day: We went waaay back in time for this one, but that’s why the greats are considered timeless.  A beautiful song with a wonderfully nostalgic video vibe.
  • The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers: As I stated when I posted this the first time, it’s telling that I would post a clip for my least liked song on this album, but that’s how well made this promo for Broken Boy Soldier is.
  • Findlay Brown – Come Home: A simply gorgeous video for an equally gorgeous tune.  Brown is most certainly topping off my ‘artists to watch for in ‘07’ list.
  • The Zutons – Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?: Being, as I am, married to a dance major, I’ve come to appreciate more and more just how difficult great choreography is to pull off.  While this clip had the benefits of lifting Jerome Robbins’ work (as well as the dancers from Cuba’s National Ballet), it’s still a wonderful piece of work, and a loving nod to a great musical.
  • Venus Hum – Fighting for Love: Playmobile animation needs to make a serious dent into modern music video making.  How can you go wrong with it?
  • Mellow – Fantastic: Once again, giving the nod to great comic book animation of old is a guaranteed way to make my best of lists.  Though it does help if I already adore your band.  Thankfully, Mellow wins on both counts.  A simply wonderful and nostalgic look at the comic greats of old, and a fitting way to close out this list.

  • Sweet doodling doodlebugs! That’s a lot of music videos.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for 2006 to be over and done with.  2007 is looking to be a banner year, both for Transbuddha and for Casa del Monkey, as I’ve got all manner of kickass features and functions in the works, not to mention my imminently arriving twin daughters, whom I’ll groom to be ninja and comic book loving science nerds who will one day lead us all in the war against the machines.  It’s gonna be so awesome.

    Since I won’t be seeing any of you until 2007, let me once again say that I’m truly humbled by the community we’ve got here, and that is thanks to you, my dear anonymous internet pals. I can’t possibly overstate how thankful and appreciative I am of your continued support and encouragement.  So rest assured that, come 12:00 AM, 01/01/07, I’ll be raising my glass to you, and to the great year ahead. 

    See you in the future!

    Best Regards,

    Aaron Weber / .alphamonkey.


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    • BADD

      Hey AM, If it twasn’t fer your dedication to putting some of the sweetest clips from the net up hera none of us would be around.

      Great job and keep it up.

      See ya next year!

    • Gorlog

      Here is a cheer for the great monkey of the web! 

      I must say that everytime I hear alphamonkey I always think of “The Tick” when El Seed says to the tick, “Hey blue monkey, get off my plane.  I’ve rented it for the whole day.”

      Well to me, your the blue monkey.  I figure The Tick has to be the alpha monkey.

      Your site rocks and can’t wait to spend another year with you.


    • voxiusness

      been reading TBuddha for 2 years and 2 states now…Happy new year to your cast and crew, and all o’ e’rybody!

      Mr Voxius

    • .alphamonkey.

      Thanks, everyone.  I can’t possibly convey how great that is to hear/read.

      Get ready for the world of Tomorrow!

    • elkciN

      Happy Discover Card, everyone!

      I love our world.

    • elkciN

      I was drunk when I wrote that, but was anyone else bothered? End of the year, watching the ball drop, and the first thing you see as the camera pans down is a huge Discover Card billboard. Under that, something about a new year, I think? Seriously, can they sell whole years now?

      Maybe the Discover billboard was in Times Square prior to the New Year’s festivities, maybe I just never noticed it in years prior, but they could’ve turned the damn thing off. I doubt Dick Clark’s Rockin New Year was lacking in sponsors. Besides, no one takes Discover cards anyway.

      For me, there is no 2007. 2006>Discover Card>2008. Way to ruin my year, commercialism. Happy Discover Card to you all.

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