The Year In Music Videos – Feburary

by alphamonkey on December 29, 2006 · 3 comments

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February was another good month for videos, but also marked the month I ran the most contentious (You’ll figure it out). 

There were a lot of retro vids this month, so I’ll skip those and go with the heavy hitters instead.  Apathetic office workers, showy daredevils, zombie sex kittens, and some mopey emo rabbits.  Behold 2nd month goodness!

  • The Chemical Brothers – Golden Path:  While the addition of The Flaming Lips would seem to be a surefire winner, what really won me over was the premise of this daydreamy wonder.  Who doesn’t wish they could crawl into their shirt and enter a blissful new world?
  • Naked Ape – Fashion Freak: Sexy zombies? You wouldn’t think those words would go together, but apparently Naked Ape’s taste run a little differently than mine.
  • Stella Rocket – Animals: It’s not a great video.  And the singer for Stella Rocket has about as much stage presence as one of Bob Pollard’s discarded beer cups, but dammit I love it (and the song) anyway.
  • Kayne West – Touch the Sky:  The million dollar video that caused Kayne West to storm the stage at the European MTV Music Awards when the clip failed to win the Best Video of the Year award.  Of course, it could be worse:  He could have lost to Panic! At the Disco, which inexplicably won the award stateside*.  Still, Touch the Sky is a pretty damn cool video.
  • Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark: Heh.  Okay, so I like this one song, but mostly I just love the video.  I’m a sucker for faux one takers.
  • *Just so you know: If I were to run a ‘shittiest video of the year list, I Write Sins Not Tragedies would be the only one on the list. Proving yet again that I’m wonderfully out of touch with the MTV kids.  However, it turns out that I’m not too far out of touch with the readers of the highly esteemed Antville music blog, who voted it the runner-up for Worst Video of the Year

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    • quadir

      No link for I write Sins not Tragedies?  Shame on you!

    • .alphamonkey.

      Look harder, ‘cause I ain’t pointing it out.

    • elkciN

      No worries, if they’re a fan of P!ATD, they’ve already moved on. Kids these days have attention spans the size of nanoseconds. The only plausible explanation I can find for listening to some of the shit that’s out, is that maybe they forgot that the last verse is the same as the one they’re listening to now.

      With that, and the start of the year of the Discover Card, this marks the very last time I will ever post anything about this band. Ever. ‘Twas a good run.

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