The Year In Music Videos – July

by alphamonkey on December 29, 2006 · 0 comments

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July has always been a spotty month for Transbuddha, and this year was no exception. Preparations for the relocation of Casa del Monkey took their toll, as did the 4th, and of course, my birthday.  Of course, two whole weeks of reruns took their toll.  Thankfully, the bountiful font of awesome that we call the Internet had a bevy of musical treasures to share with us this time around. 

  • Cadence Weapon – Black Hand: I love to see hip hop videos that aren’t afraid to break the creatively stifling conventions we normally encounter, and Black Hand tears through them with ease and aplomb. Awesome.
  • Joanna Newsom – Sprout and the Bean: Ah, we return to Joanna Newsom for her beautiful video for Sprout and the Bean.  Newsom is most definitely an artist, in ever sense of the word, and her passion shines through in everything she does.
  • Zero 7 – Waiting to Die: Zero 7 has a history of hauntingly beautiful videos, and Waiting to Die was no exception.
  • CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen to Death From Above: Here’s one of the reasons I keep working on this site, regardless of the effect it has on my personal life and pocketbook.  I mean really, how else am I going to stumble across a Brazilian dance rock sextet like CSS, let alone their lovable low budget video? Great stuff.
  • Muse – Knights of Cydonia:  I have to say, this was one my absolute favorite videos this year.  Freakout doesn’t even being to describe this insane mashup of styles and genres, all thrown together into a movie trailer.  Sheer unadulterated brilliance.
  • Discover Oddity: Alright, so this one is kind of cheating.  Of course I was going to put this on the list! I did make it, after all.  Considering my twin loves of space and David Bowie, putting Space Oddity to footage of the space shuttle Discovery’s July 4th launch was just too good an opportunity to pass up.  I think it’s safe to say my skills as a video editor need some work.
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