Tower Defence

by alphamonkey on December 15, 2006 · 25 comments

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Protect your castle from an ever more powerful horde via your mighty cannons!  Tower Defence borrows its gameplay from the Warcraft and COC ‘defend the tower’ gameplay, and while it looks like a simple ‘build up your cannons and have at it’ game, the bad guys (or dots in this case) get tougher and tougher with each round.

I was able to get 62 on my second try. How ‘bout you?

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  • elkciN

    Kinda reminds me of Midway’s ‘Rampart’. I never got to play that game originally, but played it on a comp disc for the PS2/Gamecube. You get 3 people (I think 3 was the max) together, and enormous fun ensues. If you have the chance to play Rampart, take it. Single-player is OK, but with friends the game just shines. I’m probably the only person here who’s played it though :/ (maybe not?) I’m sure there’s an emulation somewhere. I can imagine it would be easier to play with a mouse, as the game was originally designed for a trackball, and the console controllers took a bit of getting used to.

    Now that I’ve gone on and on about something no one cares about (I think I’ve found my ‘gift’!), I need to go back to work.

  • stvn:ly

    how the hell did you do that well?  i got 9 points, lol.

  • Your Good Twin

    10 points on the third try and felt good about it… Must be some trick I don’t understand.

  • Your Good Twin

    Hahahahahaha.  Right after I posted this comment, I went back to it, figured out the turrent upgrade system (CRUCIAL) and got to 65.  I honestly thought the game had topped off in difficulty around level 40 and that I simply couldn’t be beat but those dots just keep getting more and more health.

    My strategy was to build a bunch of storm cloud turrents early on and then after they were wiping out waves, putting all that money into upgrades on fire and ice turrents.  Fun strategy game.

  • El Queso Grande

    Thanks for the great time waster!  Just what I needed during the holiday work doldrums.

    I’m stuck in the 74-77 points range and cannot do better.  The strategy is to stick one water tower out there and upgrade it ~4 times.  After that, focus on maxing out as many nature towers as you can.

  • matticus

    fantastic yet simple game, gets fairly tricky in the 50-70 levels. start off with fire or water turret as a start, notice the HP that each upgrade will give you for each specific type of turret. enjoy it smile

  • Coos

    Wow, quite addictive.  Couldn’t get past 75 for a long time.  Then I got 76.  The creator says he got 90.  I’m not sure that’s possible.

  • Coos

    I finally got 77, but I can’t see getting past that.  And there isn’t any contact information for the author, so I can’t get any tips or tell him how addicted I am!

  • .alphamonkey.

    82!  Boo-yah!

  • Coos


  • pookie

    got up to lvl 84… close to 85… had one last faint dot but it snuck in. It is possible to get up to 90… since a friend of mine and I have gotten up to 81 without losing a single person. green towers are the key since they do more damage. then you’ve gotta make sure that when they’re positioned on the corners with the dots coming at them, they are firing straight, so that the shots are invisible… they do more damage. if anybody can help me post an image to some url i have a screen shot of the setup… and other tips to get further… just have to find the time to apply it. please put subject line “TD” if you have some url to post.

  • Coos

    Holy cow, you’re right!  I got up to 79, then 80.  The straight on approach really works.  I got up to 11 fully upgraded green towers, and one green tower with only the last upgrade yet to go.  Close, so close . . .

  • Coos

    I’m up to 81 now.  Anybody get hit with that bug when you build a tower one of the previous built towers disappears?  That’s happened to me 3 or 4 times and is quite annoying.

    By wave 76 I have 11 fully upgraded nature towers.  It must be all in the placement.  Starting at wave 75 I start losing citizens.

  • Your Good Twin

    I hit 78.  Not sure what to do at this point.  Anybody looked into using the super ultimate towers that start at 3000 gold?  They don’t really seem worth the investment..  I’m going to experiment with them.

  • Your Good Twin

    Holy shit, the third upgrade on the flower tower goes to freaking 909,090 damage but it costs 15,000 gold and I just can’t get up to that without losing all cits.  I can’t help but wonder if that’s the trick.

  • Coos

    I dismissed that tower early on.  The total cost of that tower with all upgrades is 23,000, which is roughly the same cost as 10 fully upgraded nature towers.  I don’t think that’s possible.

    I’m stuck at 81.

  • moto

    The trick is to establish towers at the end of each straight run. More effective hits as the dots are in a forward run towards the tower.

  • MooHaHaHa

    I’m officially addicted to this game. After playing two round of utter confusion (scoring 4 and 6) I finally figured it out and grabbed a 59. I’ve been working hard since to up my score and have been stuck around 70. Very frustrating.

  • fabled_one

    I got up to 422 rasberry, but when i died at 423, it says my score was 42… to get those insane stages, u just hold space bar, and when it kills a group of dots, the wave will just rise. However, there is no point in doing it, cause you will just cause yourself to lose.

    BTW 422 is the highest wave through this means, but there may be no top lvl…

  • Ownage

    got to 81 after i found the little trick with the straight lines and all i used was nature towers, they al started goin in after wave 78 even with the little trick of getting 4 in a straight line on the bit between the castle at th bottom andthe bottom of the first road they go down

  • trevor tower defense

    zi got to lvl 600 . (thinking beat that joe)

  • trevor tower defense

    who knows the stoping lvlz?

  • macky

    I put a load of green towers on at the beggining but i lostt in like 6 tries lol, i think water towers are good and cheaper overall, but i can only get 2 round 69

  • your mum

    haha retards i got to 84

  • Özgür

    i have just scored 89, was very close to 90
    i think i should have improved the red tower one more time…
    (by the way the STORM TOWERS are the best when 82. level reached
    and you have to put those very close to eachother
    also close to other towers)
    here is the image of my strategy:

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