Vaseline Hates America

by alphamonkey on December 18, 2006 · 5 comments

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Okay, so maybe that’s misleading.  But judging from these two spots for the same campaign, the petroleum jelly giant certainly doesn’t hold the US in high regard.  This spot runs in the UK, while this spot is the American version.  So, the UK gets the artful and beautiful one, while we get the Bob Fosse on ecstasy version.  Awesome.

This country is driving me more and more nuts by the day.

Update: I expanded on my initial thoughts with this ad over at D.H.A.D.M., if you’re in the mood for some long winded monkey. 

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  • Lenny

    I think you’ve misunderstood the difference between the two ads.  The British spot couldn’t have run in the US because of the FCC’s preoccupation with nudity and sexual content.  Most advertisers are behaving conservatively and the networks are gun shy about potential fines which scare their investors.  Also I should mention that advertisers may be afraid to show two naked people of different races embracing.  The British have less baggage in this regard.  It is as you noted a better commercial.  Our loss.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I’ll agree that US companies (and via extension, their ad groups) are shy about running afoul of fines, but that UK ad in no way constitutes obscene material.  It’s not gratuitous nudity, nor is it intended to titillate or arouse.

    Shower gel, soap, and shampoo commercials show the same amount of skin in their ads.  Hell, some beer spots do as well.  I’d wager that most skin-laden beer ads are very, very, very much intended to arouse. 

    I realize that our system is by design inequitable..I’m just pissed about it.  I hate the fact that the FCC bows to mass-mailed form letters generated by two or three ‘family’ groups.  Seriously, why do we pay attention to ANYTHING Dobson and his ilk have to say?

  • Fernando

    The ads are different because they serve a different purpose. The one you describe as being the US version is being used for the launch of a new product. The one you say is the UK version is part of a new global brand campaign.

    They will probably run in both US and UK, though in different periods of time.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Both ads are for the same product/campaign, hence the similar themes.

  • Fernando


    Not sure if I agree…

    Note that the one that you say is for US features a range of products called “Intensive Rescue”, which is the latest launch in US (check:

    The one in UK is a brand campaign that has the objective of show Vaseline’s point of view on skin. There is no specific product being announced. Just a range of everything that is available in UK.

    They both relate to “Skin is Amazing” / “Keeping Skin Amazing” because thats the brand positioning Vaseline is adopting.

    With time, you will see that both ads will be used in both countries.

    I have some inside info smile

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