A Fast Start to 2007

by alphamonkey on January 2, 2007 · 3 comments

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Now that we’re officially in the Aught Seven, it’s probably fair to say that this year will be as contentious and tumultuous as the last few.  It’s a rapidly changing world, and there a lot of forces looking to influence which direction we head.  My prediction?  Once again the population of the world will have to suffer through a life devoid of personal jetpacks and hoverboards.  Dear science:  Get on that, already!

Some interesting stuff is ahead though.  The Second Circuit Appeals court should lay down a ruling this year in the fight over ‘indecency’ standards that have drawn much ire from the anti-FCC crowd.  You can watch the oral arguments via the CSPAN feed, which is interesting in and of itself.  Ironically, it’s chock full of NSFW langauge. 

How civilly we treat our eventual robot masters is already a topic of some debate in the UK, as the idea of conveying basic rights to robots within the next 50 some years is being explored by government white papers.  I bet John Connor would be pissed.

Oddly enough, this might mark the year that our current administration is forced to deal with global climate change, and all because of polar bears.  The Department of the Interior is proposing to add polar bears to ‘threatened’ status on the endangered species list due to a loss of habitat (melting polar ice caps) that’s directly attributing to global warming.  In true bureaucratic fashion the official decision will come after 12 months of further study, but the ball is definitely rolling.

Personally, I’m hoping that 2007 marks the year where the true silent majority (ie, the middle) decides that they’re sick of having everything decided based on who whines the loudest from the fringe, and thereby move this country more firmly back to a centrist position.  Only time well tell if we’re that lucky.

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  • psfowler

    Just wondering what alphamonkey’s views of a centrist political position entail…do you care to explain?

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Mostly just an understanding and embracing of the fact that politics is not a zero sum game. Open and respectful debate, compromise for the sake of all, and a willingness to embrace the best idea, no matter what side of the aisle it came from.

  • BADD

    I say we restart the Whig party.  Mostly just for an excuse to where a wig…….


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