And This is Why Japan Will Ultimately Win

by alphamonkey on January 5, 2007 · 7 comments

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While we here in the States were ‘rockin’ out 2006 with Ryan Seacrest and the hideous zombie corpse of Dick Clark*, our friends over in the great land of Japan were kicking in the new year in a manner all their own.  Where we got crappy Broadway ‘stars’ and Meat Loaf, Japan had a clown haired dance fiend who led a couple dozen dancers in a bizarre routine that culminating everyone getting topless

Read that sentence again, I’ll wait.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t actually topless.  More like anatomically correct bodysuits wore by hot Japanese fly girls, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that NHK decided to give a hearty ‘up yours’ to CBS’s Super Bowl fiasco from a few years back.  Man, American television just sucks. 

*Seriously, folks.  It’s time to let Dick Clark rest.  I mean, look at the guy! Jeez. You’d think being 1000 years old and recently suffering a stroke would be enough to free him from his demonic duties as America’s oldest teenager.

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  • elkciN

    I think America would be shut down by the number of calls pouring in if this were to be shown. Japan (and most other countries, for that matter) is so much better in that respect. I’ve long though that sex crimes are more prevalant in the US because we keep trying to hide everything, and “protect the children” from the naked form. It’s the human body, for shit’s sake. We’ve all got one.

    Maybe if sex wasn’t so taboo, you wouldn’t have so many sex starved lunatics running around (erm…duh?). Seems to me that the whole system of “political correctness” and the FCC’s job of regulating what we see and hear are both accomplishing exactly the opposite of what they intend. It’d be much easier if we all learned to accept ourselves and our differences.

    That went off on a tangent quick. I just wanted to clarify, you weren’t trying to say that you wished Dick Clark would dance and strip, were you?

  • Will

    NHK knew from the start what was going on. DJ Ozuma is a manufactured celebrity (much like our Disney pop stars) and they chose him to do something “daring”. He revealed his plans earlier that day on a talk show in an effort to create buzz and get people to watch. Of the millions watching “Red and White” that night, only 252 called in that night to complain (around 700 total). Yes, it was a little shock at first, but then it was clear that they were not really naked. You wouldn’t be able to get that many hopeful Jpop starlets to burn their bridges with NHK. DJ Ozuma’s performance was contrived and just painful to listen to.

    As for less sex crimes in Japan, think again. The vast majority of sex-crime victims here do not report the crime. The culture teaches that people (especially women) should keep a low profile. Things are changing, but think of it as like the US in the 1950s. Families don’t want the drama or stigma. Walk into any “video” shop in Tokyo and you will see the walls lined with kiddy porn featuring rape scenes of Junior Highschool girls. Read the paper and once a month buried on page 15 you’ll read about the young girls who are raped and then mutilated and dumped (the last one happened in Shinjuku on the 25th). Japan is not a sexual paradise.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh, I had no illusions that this was a daring, unplanned thing. I figured it was 100% vetted out beforehand.  My point in posting it was that there’s not a single network or basic cable station in the US that’d even think about trying something like this.

  • Dhsu

    I’m having a strange sense of deja vu right now.

  • nklpht900

    ohemgeez..i don’t know what the japanese are smoking, but i would gladly take a hit of that.

    this may be a bit off topic, but dick clark could pass the torch to somebody else other than ryan seacrest. i really think ryan seacrest doesn’t really bring much to the table. it just seems that his interest in other peoples lives isn’t very genuine (sp). i wish i could elaborate more, but i just wanted to put in my two cents.

  • Boss Robot

    You can’t hide what’s implied!

    Oh yeah Happy New Year’s Transbuddha. Even with all your WTF material you’ve shined more clarity than TV news. I’m planning to see more of you in the coming months.

  • pia tan

    If you’ve seen his other music videos you wouldn’t be suprised at his stunts.

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