Awkward Moments with Web 2.0

by wickedawesomefilms on January 15, 2007 · 15 comments

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What the hell is Bobby J doing?  You’ll just have to find out for yourself

alphamonkey sez:I’m willing to bet that interrupted YouTube moments will soon replace this terrible facet of growing up as the premier awkward moment of youth. Way to go, Web 2.0!  You’ve officially supplanted masturbation!

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  • stvn:ly

    hey alpha what is up with the title??? not cool man!!!!  i love your website but if you are going to have titles named The Gayest Thing on YouTube im not going to bother coming to your site anymore and i hope this goes with the rest of your viewers as well!!!!  stvn:ly

  • .alphamonkey.

    Perhaps your ire should be aimed at the individuals who actually named the short that, yes?

  • elkciN


    Avast, ye mateys!

    What? It’s too early for this shit.

  • stvn:ly


  • elkciN


  • daemoneyes

    Me clicky, no worky.

  • elkciN

    have you tried clicking it with IRE?

  • daemoneyes

    Sadly, my ire is reserved for other ire-worthy items today.

  • elkciN

    You have to be careful with ire. Too much ire leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side. But you don’t want to spread the ire too thin, either. Yes, ire is a fickle mistress.

  • daemoneyes

    Truly, in the annals of history, misdirected ire has been the cause of much woe.  It often irks me when someone mistakenly directs their ire upon undeserving unfortunates.  In fact, I find myself greatly vexed at times by the callous nature with which some individuals bandy about their ire.

  • elkciN

    heh. you said ‘annals’.


  • wickedawesomefilms

    can people just relax? We were just messing around… jeez….

  • daemoneyes

    Totally relaxed, no ire aroused.  I thought it was an amusing clip, and I have no problem with the title “The Gayest Thing on YouTube”, although after soem of the things I’ve seen on there, I’d say that would be a pretty big claim.

  • elkciN

    No, I can’t relax. I was deeply offended by this motion picture, and I get video-taped performing lewd acts on dolphins for a living.

    How you you sleep at night?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Performing lewd acts on dolphins?  That’d take some ridiculous coordination and motion control to pull off.  Are the dolphins moving or still?  Is there some kind of harness or saddle?

    Unless, of course, you meant performing lewd acts with a dolphin, in which case ‘EWWWW’.

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