Beckham Bends It For America

by alphamonkey on January 12, 2007 · 11 comments

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Well, holy crap.  Football superhero David Beckham is leaving Real Madrid for the Los Angeles Galaxy?  What kind of sci-fi year 3000 weirdness is that?  Apparently the $250 million dollar deal was made in the hopes that a truly international superstar player would finally bust open the beleaguered American soccer market.  In terms of sheer media power and recognition, Beckham is pretty high on the list, so if anyone one player migrating to the US market can truly have an impact he’s a great choice. 

I’m curious if this will work, however.  I’d like to see soccer become a more dominate sport in the US, but even Sylvester Stallone couldn’t make that happen.  Perhaps if more people saw Shaolin Soccer, they’d change their minds. 

To our European friends I ask:  What’s your reaction to this?

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  • drgonzoguitar

    YES! YES! YES!  This is a win-win for soccer fans and spouses who like David Beckham!  I can now watch the MLS while my wife “watches” Beckham!

  • lloyd

    Neither David’s decision nor anything to do with football I’d imagine.  Isn’t this all about Victoria wanting to live next door to movie stars?

  • .alphamonkey.

    I don’t doubt that wanting to be among the Hollywood A listers was a consideration, but I hardly think that was the only reason.

  • elkciN

    He’s playing football? I thought he was a soccer star? Learn english, you damn immigrants. Besides, soccer is just hockey without all the fun, anyway.


    And $250 million dollars, my GOD! When will we start paying people in proportion to their actual contributions to society? I like sports and movies just as much as the next guy, but I don’t think athletes and actors should be paid nearly as much as they are. Especially considering they only provide entertainment, while other people make minimum wage, or slightly more, to actually keep the world running. Maybe I’m just poor and ignorant, but no one really needs that kind of money, and it could be better distributed.



    -starting trouble because it’s Friday.

  • Thewellis

    It is known as Football in this country i am in, known as England, damn colonist.

    oh and posh (his wife and former pop star) has been given an offer by their friend Hugh Heffner for a playboy photo shoot….

  • elkciN

    Is this the part where I say “If it weren’t for us, you’d be speaking German”, then you say “If it weren’t for the French, you’d be British”, to which I reply, “You have bad teeth”, and you say “Americans are lazy slobs”?

    I figured it be much faster to skip to the part where we both agree that we hate the French.

    (And for the record, I’d rather be in England than Illinois, anyday. Some might even consider me an anglophile.)

  • Thewellis

    i concede though i will always refer to it as football

  • elkciN

    I can recognize the the name ‘football’ is more suitable to ‘soccer’ than it is to american ‘football’. Still, I cannot change, for I am far too stubborn.

    And tea is for sissies.

  • Thewellis

    Ah the British view of our Mancunian candidate is that he is stupid, intellectually, though this is odd seeing as he’s going to be a quarter of a billion dollars richer. hmm if only i were that stupid.

    mind you until recently i hadn’t realised how much of a franchise he is in himself. he can actually sell his image for millions worldwide.

    and it should be added that as a football (alright association football) player he isn’t worth 250 million. seeing as his career is only another decade tops and his skill is not as it once was.

  • Belve

    Skill-wise he will not be the force he could have been 3 years ago. I just don’t think he has it in him to completely take over a match, if he was to stay in europe. But you have to view his moves as based on what they do for his endorsement career. When he moved from Man U *phewww* he could have gone ANYWHERE based on his skillset and to not move to a London based squad, flys totally in the face of wisdom. Though Real Madrid is a HUGE move, that was made based on the shock value and not his footballing skill because Real Madrid had better quality already there.

    Right now I think this was the perfect move for him, his skills will prove to be more than a match for most MLS players but because he isn’t a middle-of-the-park player he won’t have the impact on the team that $250 million deserves. That being said from his endorsement lifestyle he will reign supreme. Expect to see his mug on everything and expect him to start an footbal academy which will take all the best players the US has to offer, and try to churn out great players. If he can do that its a win-win for Becks and for the US soccer world.

    The real question is will this make MLS more watchable.. no. I will still watch up early on Sat and Sun to goto a pub/bar to watch EPL on a 19” screen before I watch a minute of MLS.

    But I’m just a dumb American.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I agree that Beckham is at least a couple years past his best playing.  I do think, however, it’ll garner attention to the MLS that would otherwise have been diverted elsewhere. 

    Sadly, the one thing it won’t change is the migration of the MLS’s best players to the European leagues (where they’ll be challenged/appreciated appropriately).

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