Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing

by alphamonkey on January 2, 2007 · 7 comments

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Since I’m a sucker for recurring themes in daily posts, I thought we’d stick with Billy Preston for our musical interlude so as to enjoy the excellent Nothing From Nothing.  Interestingly enough, this live performance marks the first ever musical guest from the then-called NBC’s Saturday Night’s debut episode on October 11, 1975.  Can you guess what the show was?

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  • kaldrazadrim

    how did they go from that level of talent to ashlee simpson?

  • elkciN



    Also, coincidentally, the spam word I have to type is ‘nothing26’. You couldn’t pay for that level of awesome.

  • kaldrazadrim

    yeah, you’re right. she almost blew it, but then she redeemed herself by doing that little dance, which made up for the whole mishap.

  • elkciN

    I thought she redeemed herself with her bosoms. Seriously, whatever’s in the water at the Simpson house, they need to bottle it. They don’t have much talent, and they’re not very intelligent, but I couldn’t say that either is horrible to look at (maybe in the face).

  • kaldrazadrim

    “Seriously, whatever’s in the water”…I think it’s silicon

  • .alphamonkey.

    Beat me to it, dammit.

  • elkciN

    Damn, I thought they were all natural. Another illusion shattered. There is no magic left in the world :(

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