Bow Man 2

by alphamonkey on January 8, 2007 · 1 comment

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Oh, hell yah.  It’s been a couple months shy of three years (!) since we spent some time with the brilliantly simple Bow Man.  I’m a sucker for bow & arrow games, so you can imagine my glee at the discovery of Bow Man 2, which once again lets you messily dispatch human or computer opponents.

Snap, I say. Snap.

As a note:  Posts may be light today, as I’ve oodles & oodles of baby stuff to assemble, sort, put away, and otherwise prepare for the impending twin a’splosion. 

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  • vegetix

    I have achieved my goal of pinning two ducks to my head with a single arrow.  Well and also a bird on another arrow but that was just coincidence.

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