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It’s Wednesday so it must be time to take a gander at the new stack of comic book titles hitting the shelves today.  So get your comic book geek on, and let’s take a look, shall we?

This week’s fun includes Exiles, Green Lantern, Red Menace, Sensational Spider-Man, Skye Runner, The Spirit, Star Wars: Dark Times, and more graphic novels than you could shake a stick at including Avengers Assemble, Batman: Year One Hundred, Bed String, Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema, Superman: Emperor Joker, and Testament Vol.2: West of Eden.  Okay, you probably could shake a stick at all of ‘em, but why bother?

So true believers, sit back and relax as we take a look at the comics hitting your local newsstands, bookstores, and comic shops this week, ‘Buddha style.  (The snide asides were thrown in for free)

Birds of Prey #102 – The gals try to overcome a life-and-death situation, and just how much does ace reporter Lois Lane know about Oracle’s operation? [$2.99]

Green Lantern #16 – Hal searches for John Stewart who might hold the key to proving his innocence.  Guest starring Green Arrow, Arsenal, and Alan Scott. [$2.99]

The Helmet of Fate: Detective Chimp – DC’s greatest chimpanzee detective(?) stuggles to sovle the muders of wannabe super-heroes.  Uh, yeah; who left the pot out in the DC bullpen? [$2.99]

Shadowpact #9 – In Budapest the team runs into Etrigan, but whose side is the Demon on? [$2.99]

The Spirit #2 – The sexy seductress P’Gell has her sights set on an Arab prince. [$2.99]

Cable & Deadpool #36 – Deadpool vs. the Taskmaster.  Oh yeah. [$2.99]

Exiles #90 – Famous X-Men writer Chris Claremont begins his stint as head writer here, beginning with the introduction of a new team member – Psylocke. [$2.99]

Sensational Spider-Man #34 – Spidey’s recovering from getting the snot beat out of him courtesy of the Rhino, but the Black Cat decides to even the score for him – with the help of the Puma. [$2.99]

Ultimate Spider-Man #104 – The Ultimate Clone Saga concludes as Spidey takes on Doc Oc. [$3.99]

Ultimate X-Men #78 – Cable takes on the Ultimate X-Men and at least one will fall before the battle ends. [$2.99]

Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human-Error Processor #4 – Cyercrime agent Motoko Kusangi returns to work, to protect a comotose witness from assassination, but exactly who or what is she? [$2.99]

Red Menace #3 (of 6) – As the Eagle hits rock bottom in jail his former sidekick puts together a plan to free his hero. [$2.99]

Skye Runner #6 – The final issue finds Lady Skye caught in an epic battle.  Will her destiny finally be revealed?  Does anyone care? [$2.99]

Star Wars: Dark Times #2 – The tales of Darth Vader and the Empire post Revenge of the Sith continue as the Dark Lord faces a troubling revalation about his new master. [$2.99]

Y: The Last Man #53 – The Last Man was first unmasked in the United States by a supermodel turned garbage collecter (I swear I’m not making this up); what will happen when the two meet again?  [$2.99]

Avengers Assemble, Vol. 4 – It’s international and space travel adventures in this hardcover collection of Avengers issues #35-40, Avengers: The Ultron Imperative, Maximum Security issues #1-3, and Dangerous Planet. [$34.99]

Batman: Year One Hundred – Trade paperback of the four-issue mini-series following the life of a forgetten Batman in the year 2039 framed for the murder of a federal agent. [$19.99]

Bed String Volume 1 – Perky high school freshman Miharu Ogawa must deal with an arranged marriage with a boy she’s never met in this compilation of the web-based comic. [$12.95]

Essential X-Factor Vol. 2 – Trade paperback collection of the days of the original X-Factor include the Beast’s transformation, Ice-Man’s deep freeze, and the Angel’s tranformation thanks to Apocalypse and the Horsemen, from X-Factor issues #17-35. [16.99]

Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema – This hardcover collection of stories from John Buscema’s career in Marvel includes Nick Fury vs. Hydra, Thor vs. the Silver Surfer, the origins of Wolverine and Dracula, and several rare Silver Surfer stories unseen for decades. [$34.99]

Star Wars: Empire Volume 7 – The Wrong Side of the War – Trade paperback collecting Star Wars Empire issues #35-40 involving Imperial Lt. Janek Sunber and a quiet prison base that’s caught the attention of the Rebellion. [$17.95]

Storm Premiere – Hardcover Premiere edition of the love story between X-Men’s Storm and the Black Panther collected from recent the mini-series. [$19.99]

Superman: Emperor Joker – Trade paperback of the twisted tale of Superman being hunted by the Joker, Emperor of the Universe collected from the crossover which took place in Action Comics issues #769-770, Superman issues #160-161, Adventures of Superman issues #582-583, and Superman: Man of Steel issues ##104-105. [$14.99]

Testament Vol. 2:West of Eden – Another trade paperback compilation of Douglas Rushkoff’s saga of Biblical stories taking place in modern time includes issues #6-10. [$12.99]

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