DVD Review – Catch a Fire

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Catch a Fire3 & ½ Stars (out of 5)

Last year’s Catch a Fire tells the story of a foreman and part time soccer coach (Derek Luke) who finds himself wrongly accused of an act of terrorism.  The treatment, enforced by an obsessed police captain (Tim Robbins), forces the once apolitical young husband and father to question the righteousness of Apartheid as a man who despised terrorism now finds himself looking at his world through an entirely different view.

The film is based on the true story of Patrick Chamusso and the events in South Africa only a couple decades ago.  The performances, especially by the two leading men and Bonnie Mbuli as Patrick’s wife Precious, carry this engaging film.

The true import of the film is the look at how strong anti-terrorist policies actually create the very thing they wish to destroy – more terrorists.  The film is a not-too -subtle reminder to our country and our leaders to the current struggle in Iraq.

The DVD includes deleted scenes and commentary by director Philip Noyce, producer Robyn Slovo, writer Shawn Slovo, Tim Robbins, Derek Luke, and Patrick Chamusso.

It’s not a must buy by any means, but it is a well made film with an important message, both in historical context, and in today’s world.  And it’s at least as good as the more hyped Blood Diamond (read that review here).  It’s worth a trip to the video store.

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