Feature Review – Catch and Release

by alphamonkey on January 26, 2007 · 0 comments

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Catch and Release: 2 & ½ Stars (out of 5)

Catch and Release is an okay time.  Not bad, not great, it’s a film where you will laugh and groan equally and then, more likely than not, completely forget as you walk out of the theater.

Jennifer Garner stars as Gray Wheeler, a woman who loses her fiance during his bachelor party.  Upset and angry (you can tell by all her pouting) Gray moves out of the house that was to be her home and moves in with her late fiance’s business partner (Sam Jaeger) and best friend (Kevin Smith).

There’s subplot’s aplenty as Gray begins to fall for the friend she can’t stand (Timothy Olyphant), one of her new roommates crushes on her, she deals with the mourning and coldness of her would-have-been mother-in-law (Fiona Shaw), and she discovers her fiance had a secret relationship with another woman (Juliette Lewis) in Los Angeles.

There isn’t that much memorable about the film.  Garner gets by on her cuteness and the chemistry between the two stars tries to cover up the question of whether they are right for each other.  The most fun moments, for me, are all courtesy of Kevin Smith as the comic best friend.  If you’re a fan of Smith you might be able to get by with this film, if not, well you might want to throw this one back in the water and try fishing downstream a ways.

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