Home Again, Home Again

by alphamonkey on January 23, 2007 · 5 comments

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Well, Casa del Mono is back in full force as we’ve left the confines of St. Awesome (aka Firelands Hospital of Sandusky) to encamp at home base for what looks to be a very wintery winter.  First and foremost, allow me to express my deepest and heartfelt gratitude for all the congrats, kind words, and well wishes from everyone here, both contributors and readers.  Mrs. Monkey and the hijas del mono are doing just gangbusters (especially considering the whole Ella punching her way out of the womb at week 36 thing.  And I mean that literally: She punched her way through the amniotic sac.  She is totally my girl.), and I suspect they’re already plotting amongst themselves to keep me in my place (ala wrapped around fingers) for the next 50 odd years.

As much as my work nerd ethic wants to jump right back into posting, I know full good and well the exhaustion won’t let me.  Rest assured I will be posting here and there, but from what I’ve seen you’ve been in capable and great hands via the YesButNoButYes and AV Club kids.  Super extra awesome hats off to them for jumping into this never-sated beast to keep you knee deep in content while Casa del Mono gets adjusted to it’s newest members.

Rock on rocking on,


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  • http://www.malignantsalvation.tk darthabyssos



    hooray for babies!

  • http://www.malignantsalvation.tk darthabyssos

    that didnt turn out well. trust me, its about babies and having them.

  • http://www.myspace.com/yourgoodtwin Your Good Twin

    Nice work, alpha.

  • Alan

    Way to go punch girl! And sweet tongue sticking-out skills on the photo BTW,

  • Gorlog

    Hey Big Blue Monkey,

    All I can say is congrats.  I don’t know how you work full time, support this blog and keep a healthy relationship.  Perhaps you might want to give lessons.

    I’m glad you took some time off.  Being a teacher, the kids are worth it.



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