March 30, 1981

by Andy Cochrane on January 19, 2007 · 4 comments

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I found this video yesterday over on Throw away your TV and I have to say, it just kind of numbed me a little.  This is a pretty complete video of the attempted assassination of President Reagan; there’s a tiny bit of blood, but its PG-13.  What left me so shocked was how real the moment is, and how drastically it could have changed history.  I was 1yr old at the time this happened, so this event never effected me because it was just a section in history books.  But this video makes it very real.

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  • Saint Nightwalker

    Let me get this straight, you were shocked at how real the moment was?

    What the fuck were you expecting, to have a bazillion different camera angles all shooting at different speeds for the fucking thing?

    I bet you’re really pissed off that camera/vid phones hadn’t been invented yet, ‘cause if they’d been there we surely would have gotten some shitty fooitage of a bunch of peoples backs and people shouting incoherently. And I bet that you’re even more pissed off that John Hinckley Jr. didn’t have a vid camera or phone strapped to his body so as to record the entire event.

    Fucking chist.

    The fact that you were one year old when it happened just means that you’re one of the millions of Gen Y ‘tards out there who don’t know jackshit about anything and spend endless time holding mass jackoff parties with the rest of your scumhound hipster doofus mookish friends.

    And your claim that history would have been radically changed if Reagan had died is bullshit as you have no facts or evidence to back up such an outlandish claim.

  • elkciN

    Wow. Just wow.

    Has anyone every told you that you’re a complete idiot? They really should. There’s just so much to say, but I’ll just go with this: You’re arguing that the successful assassination of a sitting president of the United States of America would have had no impact? I’d say something about the rest of it, but I have no idea what you’re going on about. Seriously, they have pills for your rage, but you’re gonna need to do alot of reading to get over the ignorance.

    And AV Club dude, don’t feel so bad, I was 6 months away from coming out of the womb when this happened. I guess that makes me a ‘scumhound hipster doofus mook’.

    10 to 1 says this is Enslaved By Ducks. The 1 of doubt is only because he didn’t use the word ‘douchebag’.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, I see someone desperately needs to switch to decaf.

    Not that I particularly want to engage in conversation with someone who’s decided that the anonymous nature of the Internet somehow negates all the civil rules of discourse, but let me expound for a moment.

    I’m guessing here, but I would gather that Andy’s comments about the realness of the moment mean something wholly different than what you so presumptuously disregarded in your less than jovial response.

    History happens everyday, but it is exceedingly rare that it is so perfectly captured in a manner that can be disseminated by the world at large. For a number of people, Reagan’s near assassination is but a line or two in a history textbook.  To see the moment exactly as those of us who were more cognizant at the time saw it really is an astounding facet of our existence, and Andy is simply reminding us of that.

    And yes, had James Brady not been standing in the spot he was (or if the police officer and Secret Service guys had been in a slightly different place), the world would be a drastically different place. (I’ll save that speculation as to better or worse for everyone to ponder on their own.) So in that regard, the moment becomes even more fascinating to observe, even nearly 26 years later.

    So yes, Buddha forbid that someone display any degree of reverence or appreciation of a historical moment by virtue of experiencing it in a manner they couldn’t when it actually occurred. I, for one, really appreciated this post even though I’m old enough to have been aware of it when it happened.


    Of course, seeing as this is the Internet, I’m obligated to at least mention that you, sir, are drunk upon the curdled smega of a thousand doughty tradesmen. Good day, and go away.

  • Andy

    Hinckley’s family and the family of President George W. Bush have long social, political, and economic ties that have been little reported. Hinckley’s brother was scheduled to have dinner at the home of the current President Bush’s brother the day after the assassination attempt.

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