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by alphamonkey on January 15, 2007 · 11 comments

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I’ll concede that the iPod’s gargantuan marketing outweighed the fact that it’s not the best MP3 player on the market, but I have a strong suspicion that Steve Jobs has finally mistaken his cult leader status for genuine worldwide market power with the iPhone.  Sure, there will be any number of faithful willing to drop +$600 dollars for a phone that, get this, plays music!  But with Cisco already laying the trademark smack down over the name, and heavy hitters like the NY Times finally taking a good hard look at iTunes so-called ‘Fair Play’ DRM, this might turn out to be a groundbreaking device on the scale of say, the Newton.  Already there are substantial questions as to what exactly this phone will be capable of.

Of course, my favorite breakdown of why the iPhone isn’t that big deal would have to be semi-humor piece that imagines Bill Gates discussing the device with the current face of Apple, Justin Long from the always interesting 10 Zen Monkeys.

I’m very much a “I just want my phone to make/take calls and maybe txt” guy (as my cellphone aversion is well documented here), so it’s a completely useless device to me, and I view it no different than something like the PS3 (ie, not particularly favorably).  Does this kind of thing excite anyone here?  Beyond it’s design, is there any function really so revolutionary that you’d have to have it? 

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  • Your Good Twin

    I bought my first mp3 player recently and it was an iPod.  Why?  Because it was the only good one of like 3 that goes up to 80 gigs.  *shrug* I’m not pleased with its or iTunes’s usability (there are constantly ridiculously obvious options missing; iTunes in particular is garbage), but I wanted plenty of space for my entire music collection plus extra.

    At least it plays things ‘good enough’ for now.  In a few years when 80 or 100 gigs is common on other players, I’ll happily turn this junk in for a competent player.

  • Krusty

    I guess I’m also a “I just want my phone to make/take calls and maybe txt” kind of guy. But

    you can’t compare a phone able to play mp3, with PS3. PS3 have the best computer graphic I ever seen + SIXAXIS Blue Tooth controllers + Blu Ray drive + lot more.

    Are you like an old man? What are you going to have instead that? Stick to your old computer, or your wooden yoyo? I’m not like some other folks buying the all brand new gadgets, just because it’s newer. The gadget you bourght last month, is properly the same as the one this month. But every now and then, very seldom, there is a cool new device, that have something special.

  • elkciN

    You work for Sony, don’t you?

    I’m bored, so I’m going to flame you now. PS3 is teh SUCK!!!1!! The Six-Axis controller is a (from what I understand) pooly functioning rip-off of Nintendo’s Wii controller. Sure, it has power, but it’s a beast to program for, which only serves to drive the (already high) production costs through the roof. Blu-Ray might end up in the trash bin, especially if the rumor about Sony not wanting to release porn is true. Beta was much better than VHS, but who won that one? the porn, people. They should be able to weather that, since the PS3 can still use the blu-rays as game discs, and (nearly on-topic) I for one, would rather have a console for gaming, and a dvd player for movies, etc.

    All that said, I’ll probably end up getting one much later on, when the price of the technology has dropped, and developers have had some time to familiarize themselves with the system. Hopefully Sony has deep enough pockets (and resolve) to stick through until some of the heavy-hitters come out. Just want to say I have no problem with Sony at all, and I love my PS2, but they really got a bit too arrogant this time around, expecting the system to sell based on the name, and it’s showing in the numbers. Here’s hoping they can win some people back, because I know alot of gamers that have been left in the cold. But then again, dammit, there’s a message board for this stuff.

    As for the iPhone (yeah, that’s right, that’s what we’re talking about) I’m a card-carrying member of the “no cell phone at all” club, so I could give two shits about the iPhone. Everyone I know has a cell phone, so I just use theirs (yes, incoming as well, sometimes. I’m an ass). I may have to buy a cell phone someday, but if I do it’ll be the cheapest one I can find. You’re not getting in my head, Government.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Graphics don’t mean anything if your only choices are the same old games. I truly don’t give a shit if the sweat beads on a guy’s forehead accurately reflect the sunlight. That doesn’t enhance my game play experience in the least.  What does enhance my experience with a console is giving me new ways to play and new concepts in the games themselves.  The PS3 does not deliver on that front, and it won’t for quite some time.  It can be as pretty as it likes, but astounding graphics don’t make a game.

    Of course, graphic hardware like that creates it’s own set of problems… Since the machine is so damned expensive to program for, you’ll see gaming companies less likely to experiment with new game types or genres, instead relying solely on franchise sports, shooters, and racers.  *Yawn*

    In that sense, the iPhone and the PS3 are similar. Both devices don’t truly expand the capabilities of the field they’re supporting.  They cater only to a crowd that only wants what’s new, not what’s actually good. 

    Nintendo at least understands that there needs to be a true sea change in how we perceive playing games for it to be anything other than the realm of the gadget crazy.

  • darthabyssos

    indubitibly, alphamonkey

  • elkciN

    My plan is to get the Wii (oh, I’ll get it, damn it), then see who wins in the pissing contest that is the 360/PS3 war. It seems most of the games that are being announced for one system are being announced for both (the ‘conventional’ consoles, as it were) I’ve nearly broken down the past few weeks and bought a 360, so it’s more likely I’ll end up with that, rather than a PS3. Again, it all depends on which way the cookie crumbles. I will have to own one of the two, one day, simply because they will have some games I need to play, that will not be appearing on the Wii. For the moment, though, I have no reason to buy either.

  • Mark Wiechmann

    I think it’s not just some pretty gadget. Like Apple said at the release it’s a device you can adjust with a simple upgrade. The multi-touch design can give you like really cool ways to go, i’m thinking in the direction of Paint on your mobile. It could make a nice sketchbook with notes and stuff. Camera+notes+internet.. Than you can go streetbloggin’. I think they can turn it in a nice nice device.

  • .alphamonkey.

    “simple” & “upgrade” are not terms one typically puts together in conjunction with Apple. </snark>

    But at the end of the day?  Yes, it’s just a pretty gadget.  Unless Apple has managed to completely retool and fix the problems inherent in touchscreen typing on such a small space (the iPhone will actually be the 3rd such device to hit the market, all of which were beset by problems with the touchscreen interface), I have a hard time believing that full on blogging will occur with it.

  • Mark Wiechmann

    From what I saw from the demonstrations it’s queit percise. And i also don’t think ‘walkin’ bloggin’smile will apear soon. But the principle is quit simple…make a pic/sing a song, type something send it to your blog and done. Well we’ll see, but i do hope Apple will go more towards the community style like they went with the Zune.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I hate to tell you this, but you can send a pic/sing a song/type something and have it sent to your website right now. That’s not a new technology, even by a long shot. 

    And just like ANY product demonstration, I don’t trust the details until they put it into the hand of the tech journalists and people who will be actually using it.  Right now it’s just very well sold vaporware.

  • elkciN

    “Are you like an old man? What are you going to have instead that? Stick to your old computer, or your wooden yoyo?”

    I love it. In fact, I’m using it every time you say anything.

    That crazy AM and his wooden yoyo fetish.


    I do like the implementation of multi-point touch screen tech, but I’d rather it was being used for the Nintendo DS2 wink

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