Radiohead Overload

by alphamonkey on January 19, 2007 · 2 comments

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I know, I know.  I’ve been terrible this week.  What can I say other than I blame the baby madness, which apparently kicks in a week or so before the scheduled birth.  I’ve been way slack on music video posts, so how about I make it up to you by passing along Obtusity’s compilation of every broadcast video ever made for Radiohead

all better now?

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  • elkciN

    Seriously, if you want another set of twins, I’ll grow a uterus.

    Not to say that I haven’t already seen these, or have them posted on my site, or have burned (or bought) them on dvd. No way I’ve done that, that would just be weird.

    Oh, and they missed one from before Pablo Honey. They look so damn young. Plus a few I might have counted as music videos that were on the ‘Meeting People is Easy’ DVD. Not sure if you’d count the ‘anti-video’ snippets they put on their webpage during the Kid A era (seriously, check out their site from time to time. It changes all the time, but it’s always ‘interesting’ to say the least.) Also, they could’ve considered all of the videos on ‘The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time’, but those were all user-made anyway.

    Seriously, I have a sickness. I listen to a very diverse selection of music, I swear, but for some reason Radiohead is the best music I’ve ever heard. Alot of people complain about Thom’s singing, and I can understand that. Once you’ve listened to a few of the String Quartet Tributes though, you’ll realize what he’s doing. It’s not that I listen to them all the time, it’s that I could.

  • elkciN

    Dammit, nevermind, they got it. I feel stupid for scrolling over it, since they posted it after the Creep video.

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