SAG Awards

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2007 · 3 comments

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Last year Brokeback Mountain looked like a mortal lock for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  Then a little film called Crash won at the Screen Actor Awards and a different future began to unfold.  This year’s Screen Actors Awards included the obvious – Forest Whitaker (Best Actor for Last King of Scotland), the expected – Helen Mirren (Best Actress for both The Queen and Elizabeth I), the disappointing – Jennifer Hudson (Supporting Female Actor for Dreamgirls), and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Julie Andrews.  The big surprise was the final award of the night, Best Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture, which was given to the delightful Little Miss SunshineCheck out the full list of winners at the official site.

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  • elkciN

    Ugh. Why hasn’t anyone else realized that Grey’s Anatomy=”Desperate HouseScrubs”?

    There’s an ongoing war between myself (Scrubs fan) and my roomate (Desperate HouseScrubs fan). It is nice to watch a recorded episode of Desperate HouseScrubs, and point out that the real Scrubs tackled the same issue two seasons ago. Seriously, they just switched the genders around.

    Other than that, I can agree whole-heartedly with the award given to Little Miss Sunshine. That movie had me cry-laughing at the end, and I can’t remember that ever happening before.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Since Arrested Development went off the air, I have no desire to watch network television at all.  It’d be like going to McDonald’s after having the best steak in the world.

  • elkciN

    Trust me, with the exception of NBC’s Thursday Night line-up, and Fox’s Sunday Night Line-up, I completely share your aversion to Network TV. Just too much of the same thing, over and over.

    I can’t stand laugh-tracks, so most sitcoms are completely lost on me. Canned one-liners are relics, and if you have to let me know when I should laugh, your show wasn’t funny to begin with.

    My distaste for ‘reality’ TV (which comprises the rest of Network Television) has already been made clear.

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