Tasers, Tasers, Tasers

by yesbutnobutyes on January 24, 2007 · 1 comment

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Today from the YesButNoButYes Lunch Hour Veg archives – Tasers, Tasers, Tasers

Fun at the precinct

Some people just don’t listen

Tasering oneself

Ahhh, look at the cute little doggie…ZAP!

Cow tipping

This CAN’T be good for you.

Little bit of overacting.

Mike just can’t do anything right.

Olivia Cheng, Badass Reporter


Weapon of Ass Destruction

There’s no crying in the taser room.

This fad is sweeping the country

And now…Real Taser Stories

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    Oh man these are GREAT.  I’ve saved like 5 of them to show to friends.  I can’t stop laughing at some of them.  I love the stupid bitch giving the cop attitude.  He gives her like 20 chances to be cool about the whole thing, and she just won’t do it.  Was so good to see her get zapped.

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