The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show

by Andy Cochrane on January 23, 2007 · 5 comments

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This video clip terrifies me.  I do not fear the Lord, I fear the people who made this.  If it is real, they need to have their production video mixer access revoked.  If it is fake, the people who created it need to not make any more videos so that I may sleep at night.  Behold the mystery and wonderment that is The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show.  Good God.

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  • Busymm

    Ahhh omg that was so crappy and yet beyond scary!

  • darthabyssos

    who controlled those puppets? theyre really bad at it and they should know this.

  • manumis
  • The AV Club

    my god.  its real.  holy god.

  • Busymm

    Can’t sleep Christian science will warp me…can’t sleep christian science will warp me……

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