The Last Birthday Card

by Andy Cochrane on January 24, 2007 · 0 comments

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This is a trailer for a 20 minute short film by Stu Maschwitz made in 1999 for around $5,000.  If you do not know who Stu is, you need to get educated son, and fast.  He is the author of The DV Rebel’s Guide, blogger emeritus at Prolost, and oh yeah, co-founder of the freakin’ Orphanage.  If you have ever used or at least heard of Magic Bullet color correction, you have this man to thank, and this short is the first public appearance of its powers.  Stu’s low-budget, common sense approach to filmmaking has turned some major heads lately, and it seems to be gaining some steam amongst the ‘prosumer’ crowd, which I guess I am a member of.  I am posting this trailer mostly so that those of you who are into making movies and don’t know about the Rebel’s Guide can learn about this fantastic resource.  Also, check out this post about making ‘long tail movies’ if web video is an area that genuinely interests you, as it does me.  The end.

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