Trek Rabbit

by alphamonkey on January 18, 2007 · 4 comments

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You know, Star Trek makes a lot more sense when you open your mind to the idea that everyone on the U.S.S. Enterprise was completely out of their skull on drugs. 

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  • Haya

    would you know the name of the singer to this mash-up video?

    Thank you (*o*)/

  • .alphamonkey.

    White Rabbit“ – The Jefferson Airplane

  • Trekkie

    Thought I was gonna fall offa my chair!

  • BADD

    More specifically Grace Slick was the lead singer at the time.

    She was the love interest of every man in the 60’s.  I know guys who said they would loose body parts to have that chick.

    Funny thing is, apparantly according to rock legends, you would only need an ounce of pot and a couple micro dots.

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