February 2007

Clean lil Nemo

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CG from The Pinker Tones for “Karma Hunters”

Pesky and repetitive….Reminds me of the lil Nemo comics from the 1930’s


In honor of Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth kicking some serious ass at the Oscars, I thought we’d take a little stroll down memory lane, starting with this clip of the former VP and Bender discussing the issue of Global Warming (originally posted by teh monkey).

Not enough Gore for ya’?  Well check out these fun links too!  Alphamonkey’s original film review (which led to some heated debate).  You can also peruse the RazorFine archive and take a gander at my film review, and my look at the companion book to the film.  And if you need more Futurama fun you can check out this great Global Warming PSA, None Like It Hot.


It’s that time again, folks.  Shake off those mid-week blues and get down with some ass shaking tunes.  Why don’t we let the always awesome T. Rex kick this off with Jeepster?

Once you’ve gotten that going, we’ll move on to Bolan’s main rival (and good friend) David Bowie with Life on Mars?  After that?  Bust out the glitter and the feather boas, baby!  ‘Cause we’re talking a walk down Glam Rock lane with fun from Roxy Music, Slade, The Sweet and more!

Holy crap, but Glam was so damn awesome!;

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It’s Wednesday so it must be time to take a gander at the new stack of comic book titles hitting the shelves today.  So get your comic book geek on, and let’s take a look, shall we?

This week’s fun includes Action Comics, City of Others, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Wolverine, and more graphic novels than you could shake a stick at including Firestorm: The Nuclear Man: Reborn, Jack of Fables Vol 1: The (Nearly) Great Escape, Marvel Adventures The Avengers Vol 2: Mischief, Showcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol 2, and Stan Lee Meets… Okay, you probably could shake a stick at all of ‘em, but why bother?

So true believers, sit back and relax as we take a look at the comics hitting your local newsstands, bookstores, and comic shops this week, ‘Buddha style.  (The snide asides were thrown in for free)

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I know the stop motion video game craze is in full effect, but when was the last time you saw someone do it with tea candles?


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Now here’s a box set that defiantely needs to be added to Casa del Mono’s dinner party playlist.  Klaus Harmony was a scorer for adult films in the 70s, and now a label has compiled all his work into a series of boxset releases.  The website is chock full of samples, so shoot out a couple of florescent lights and get your wakka-chikka wakka-chikka on. 

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BitTorrent announced yesterday the launch of BitTorrent Entertainment Network, a torrent-based (duh) movie rental site that will make mainstream and studio content available for download at around 3-4 a ‘rental’.  They’ve partnered up with some of the big Hollywood studios, so yes it’s DRM crippled (so much so that it only runs on PCs, and can not be transfered from system to system), but you know that’ll last about 3 days until some 14 year old kid in Belgium cracks it after school.  Still, it’s good to see someone trying to work with the studios to embrace the torrent audience and offer secure, guaranteed downloads.

Yes, my evangelizing of the wonderful Nintendo Wii must continue.  As much as I’m digging the Wii games, I’m just as happy with the Virtual Console games, and that’s coming from a guy who has about 10 emulators running on his PC.  Anyway, Hack a Wii has a bevy of really sweet little DIY mods you can apply to your Wii, from little things like adding/swapping LED lights to the remote to making your very own Wii based laptop.  Get your solder on.

OpenCongress is a joint venture between the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation that aims to make citizens more aware of how our government is working for us (or not), and to make the happenings in the House and Senate much more transparent and open to public accountability.  You can track legislation, follow voting records, and basically make yourself a more informed and aware citizen.  Another really handy function is the blog aspect, which seeks to educate and explain the minutiae and more byzantine aspects of our Legislative branch.  My only complaint about this site is that it’s something that the House and Senate should have done themselves a few years ago.

Dark Roasted Blend has a great photo essay on the long-gone glamor of airline travel in the days of old.  Of course, what he isn’t telling you is that there’s a dark side to that glamor.


Well, it certainly looks like someone in the Scissor Sisters’ camp was a fan of Matrix Ping-Pong!  Their spot for ‘She’s My Man’ off of ‘Ta-Da’ makes great use of the human puppet style that we find so prevalent in Japanese talent contests. 


Even though a massive grass-roots movement (along with giants like Google) managed to help stall Net Neutrality killing legislation in 2006, the need to codify the Internet’s founding principal of neutrality into law that will prevent abuse and consolidation is still very much an important issue, even if Anna Nicole Smith never talked about it.  A new site looking to push the issue to the forefront has popped up entitled ’Save the Internet‘, and it’s got all the information you need to learn the nuts and bolts of this issue.  Give it a looky-loo


The PS3 Song

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Maybe I shouldn’t kick Sony when they’re down, but it’s just so much fun!  Apparently I’m not the only one, since some fine gent decided to take the musical approach to letting Sony know just how bad they’ve screwed up.