Aaaaaaand we’re back.

by alphamonkey on February 13, 2007 · 4 comments

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You read it right, folks.  I’m back from my baby madness sabbatical and ready for post love goodness.  Before we begin, I thought we’d cover some things I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks.

  1. I had a huge head as a wee monkey child (see picture).  I really hope my girls don’t inherit such a monstrous melon.
  2. Babies do not like Manwiches.  No matter how I spice it up, I can’t get my girls to eat one.  I don’t know if that’s just post-natal rebellion, or a natural baby aversion to seranno peppers.  I’ll try to mix one with forumla and post the results.
  3. When embarking on annual shark sightings, you shouldn’t let your babies play in the chum bucket.  At least, not if you’re planning on going swimming with them later.  Bad things, people.  Bad things.
  4. My hatred of emo is apparently hereditary.  That’s good news for the future.
  5. Babies love Katamari Damacy, too!
  6. Baby madness totally melts your brain.  It’s progressed so far that the fine ladies who work at my local grocer tell other people about my girls.  While I enjoy the attention, it’s making my post coffee career choice of supermarket robber a little more difficult.
  7. I missed you guys, but Andy from The AV Club blog and the fine folks of YesButNoButYes (not to mention Thundarr, Muldoon, and the Scarlet Harlot, as well as those of you who submitted links) made things pretty effin’ awesome in my absence.  How strange it was to visit Transbuddha as a reader, and not the principal author.

So things shall return to semi-normality post-haste, and for those of you who submitted links I’ll be going through the mind-boggling number of pending submissions and getting them up just as fast as my monkey fingers can manage. 

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  • kaldrazadrim

    for a second there i thought it was that kid from ‘eight is enough’

  • .alphamonkey.

    Ha-ha!  Awesome. I’ve never been what you’d call ‘camera friendly’, but I’m the king of goofy school pictures.

  • elkciN

    Hey, welcome back! We missed….erm…notice you were go….

    Well, welcome back, anyhow.


    For reference, this was not posted from my Wii. Not that I couldn’t post from my Wii (you know, the one that I own), but I’m at work right now.

  • BADD

    Welcome back Monkey man!

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