Barats and Bereta

by alphamonkey on February 16, 2007 · 1 comment

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So maybe Barat & Bereta are less sketch group and more short film makers, but that’s a hoity-toity distinction that I’m not particular about.  There’s some real gold in their work, but I think what strikes me the most is how everything has this great ‘we’re just messing around with a camera’ feel to it, even though you can tell a lot of it is meticulously planned.  That feeling of spontaneity is hard to capture once, let alone consistently, so Luke Barats & Joseph Daniel Bereta made this list without much effort.

And of course, they’re responsible for the oh-so-beloved (by me, at least) Ninja Rap video.  Well done, good sirs.  Well done, indeed!

Recommended Viewing: Mother’s Day, Ninja Rap (duh), Auto Insurance (Based on a True Story), Suburbanites, and God’s Facebook.

Or just dive right in via their own Barats & Bereta Productions

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  • Your Good Twin

    Another group I adore.  Damn, it’s gonna get annoying seeing me respond to all of these.

    “Limp ninja time!”

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