DVD Catastrophe!

by mr sparkle on February 27, 2007 · 1 comment

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Still bummed that Guillermo del Toro got bitch-slapped by the Academy on Sunday night?  So am I, but I’ve got some bright, sun-shiny news to make it better!  You know DVDs – those bright reflective things that play movies?  Yeah, those!  Well, anyway, today they are going to release some new ones!  I know, how lucky are we!  With news like this, not even Guillermo can be brought down after losing his supposedly-locked Oscar!  Eddie Murphy, not so much.

Stranger Than Fiction: This is the kind of film we could use more of: ambitious while grounded, funny but more genuinely touching.  Stranger Than Fiction is a simply told story that succeeds for the most part because of its solid performances and subtle performances.  Marc Forster goes behind the lense in this one, lending the film a calm quality that allows Will Ferrell to take center stage as he proves for the first time that he’s got some acting chops.  Not unlike Forster’s recent film, Finding Neverland, the film is deligtful to digest and, to put it simply, just a very nice film.  Thundarr agreed with me on this one, going so far as to place it in his top 11 of the year.

Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny: To call The Pick of Destiny a good film might be over-stepping the line, but it is funny.  The story is flat, and Jables and Kage often go for the cheaper, vulgar jokes; but it’s a perfect laughter-riot viewing for a bunch of friends needing an excuse to hang out with each other.  If you’re a fan of the D, there’ll be plenty for you to laugh at here; and even if you’re not, you’re sure to find something for you in the boat-load of cameos (the part of Satsquatch, in particular, works with flying colors.) I might not suggest you go out and buy this, but I would suggest that you rent it when you need something to do with your buddies on a Saturday night.  Thundarr didn’t quite rock out to the movie, but Tideland: I don’t care how much Thundarr disliked this movie (and believe me, he really hated it,) I love Terry Gilliam too much to not get excited about his newest film.  I wasn’t able to see it in theaters (thanks a lot, ThinkFilm, for expanding this film into a whole nine theaters nation-wide!) but I am anxiously looking forward to checking it out on DVD. The movie bit it big time with the critics, but those who took Gilliam’s bate seem to have fell for it hard.  Gilliam’s a weird guy, and I can see him delivering a flick goes beyond where Joe J. Critic feels comfortable spending two hours – hopefully it won’t be too strange for someone as odd as myself to enjoy.

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    Ah, come on.  Everyone knew Scorsese deserved to finally get his.  They had to toss it to him, like they tossed Return of the King one a few years back (probably the biggest “Here’s for all the hard work” Oscar guffaw of all time, but I digress).  Judging which movie is better than which or who directed something better than who is so subjective anyway, that it’s hard to take the whole affair seriously (for me).

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