Feature Review – Because I Said So

by alphamonkey on February 2, 2007 · 1 comment

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Because I Said So: ½ Star (out of 5)

So there I was, trapped in a crowded theater and forced to watch a 102 minute below average Lifetime Movie for Women projected on the big screen without a single commercial.  Basically a guy’s worst nightmare.  Girls, if you want to know if your man really loves you take him to this.  If he can keep from screaming and running from you (and possibly all future relationships) you’ll know he’s the one, or (more likely) that he’s gay (and retarded).

The “story” revolves around a lonely woman (Diane Keaton) who spends all her time worrying about her youngest daughter (Mandy Moore) who is obviously unhappy and doomed to a life of misery because she can’t find the right guy.

To solve this issue dear old mother puts out an singles ad for her daughter resulting in two suitors – a successful architect (Tom Everett Scott) with control issues, and a divorced single father (Gabriel Macht) who makes a living as a musician.

And so the hijinx ensue, and keep ensuing for what seemed like days.  The film is just dreadful and I wonder if this group just didn’t get drunk and film their lost weekend and hand it over to the studio.  No, that would have been better than this.

Film critic Gene Siskel had a simple test he held all films to – is the film more or less entertaining than watching the same actors eat dinner.  This film isn’t as entertaining as watching these same actors sleep.  The only reason the film gets a half a star is for the lovely Piper Perabo who is the only one to make it out of this debacle unscathed only because her part is so small and relatively unimportant it isn’t contaminated by the radioactive waste put out by the rest of the film.

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    I saw the trailer for this movie as I was with a lady friend.. as it was playing I said this next sentence to her that proved that I would never watch it.

    I would sooner watch my mother have a partial hysterectomy preformed on her by a one-eyed doctor with a bad case of post nasal drip.

    I am reminded of said sentence everyday. I stand by it.

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