Good Morning, Starshines!

by alphamonkey on February 15, 2007 · 0 comments

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How about a collection of mindless drivel to help get you through the terrible morning drags? 

First up, the Top 266 Star Wars Lines Improved By Replacing A Word With “Pants” (Thanks, Alan!)

Second up:  I really loved the Garmin Super Bowl commercial, but the full length music video for the rockin’ theme song (sung by Steve Grimmett of Grim Reaper!) might be even more brilliant.  Check that shiznit! (thanks, Bri!)

How about something called ’Attack of the Funky Disco Zombies‘?  Seriously, do you need more explanation?

George Washington’s Farewell Address put in modern vernacular.

Is there anything more glorious than the innane chit-chat of evangelical shows? Of course not.

If there’s anything I love more than science, it’s atomic super creatures bent on the destruction of coastal cities.  So how about putting those tastes together for The Science of Godzilla?

And finally a little gift for you.  Folks, if you’re not listening to Soma FM’s multitude of effin’ awesome internet radio streams, your ears can legally sue you for abuse.

In your face, coffee. 

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