Happy Valentine’s Day Lisa Nowak Crazy Astronaut Diaper Gun

by alphamonkey on February 13, 2007 · 1 comment

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I’m sure everyone is already aware of the sordid and strange tale of NASA mission specialist Lisa Nowak and her space madness fueled love freakout last week.  Well, the fine folks of Team Tiger Awesome decided that Lisa needed a little shout-out and understanding, and this is their video love letter to America’s space queen.

Why do I feel like Casey Kasem now?

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    Where is my AMELIE?

    © 2007 by Stefan[at]MyTree.CH

    Dear Amelies or Valentines

    If your read my lines

    And are not too stupid

    – Well, You know – I don’t want a puppet-

    Please do call me –

    DO make the 1st step!!!

    I am the one with the green cap

    And who are you? – well, let’s see

    Yeah! It’s now your emancipation turn!

    So let me know in a creative way

    That you don’t just want to play

    Or our isolated souls will burn

    Where are the Amelies

    with the feeling for my rhymes

    When two destinies

    crash into two glasses of two wines

    Red and white makes Rosé

    My name is not José

    Your name is not Audrey Tautou

    Who knows if I will ever love you!?!

    But if you don’t push yourself

    You can stay at home and clean your bookshelf

    You will be alone with all you fears

    And a couple of disgusting beers!

    Nondebleudebleudejaune! Mon dieu !

    je ne m’appelle pas Kassovitz Mathieu

    And actually names don’t matter

    They are letters like a feather

    In the wind

    The answer my soul mate

    Is blowing in the wind

    The answer is blowing behind the gate…

    …to my heart!

    Maybe you’ve got the smart key!

    But who can try it? It is not me!

    The key is in your hands!

    And that’s how the poem ends!

    Why don’t you just use it?

    Life is a bitch – BULL SHIT!

    From; http://de.blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-lGQhsJY8fqBaGMlD77uHGw–?cq=1&p=142

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