Infinite Solutions with Mark Erickson.

by BADD on February 13, 2007 · 1 comment

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These guys just made a bunch of people lose their collective minds.  Sadly I was one of the many.  I must have relogged into Gmail 150 times.

Fake or not? You decide.  Wait don’t, ‘cause it’s total garbage.

If those who are responsible read this post, please comment and take a bow.  You are king MFers of this 15 minutes.

alphamonkey sez: I came across the ‘Infinite Solutions’ series while on the baby break, and it’s a pretty brilliant bit o’ pranking.  They do a great job of making everything they cover (which is 100% horse pucky) sound completely legitimate.  Neat stuff, and very, very mean to send on to your less than tech-savvy friends. 

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