Jessica Simpson Gets Cheesy (Bites) Again

by alphamonkey on February 2, 2007 · 1 comment

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I posted this originally ‘roundbouts the 26th of January, but it got pulled due to some skittishness over legal stuff.  Balderdash, I say.  Seeing as the Super Bowl will soon descend upon us like a Madison Avenue crazed Godzilla, I felt it appropriate to go ahead and post again.

You know, the weirdest stuff finds its way into my inbox.  Here I am not 6 days into my semi-babybatical (aka the Daddy Madness), and someone decides to send along a huge chunk of b-roll and backstage footage of Jessica Simpson goofing around during a commercial shoot for Pizza Hut’s Super Bowl Ad.  I mean that is seriously random.

Frankly, I can’t think of anything more mind-numbingly dull than behind-the-scenes footage for a commercial (of all things), but it did put the idea into my head that perhaps I, loyal Super Bowl ad viewer that I am, should take it and make my own Cheesy Bites ad for Pizza Hut to use.  Since they’re going the same old same old route by using Jessica Simpson, why not give jaded viewers what they really want?  A hearty, healthy dose of ‘What the hell was that!?’ So in that spirit, I present to you my submission for Pizza Hut’s Super Bowl commercial.  I think it’s worth airing, and not just because the Hut has deeeeeep pockets.  Of course, if those deep pockets want to use this ad and cover the girls’ college fund, all the better.

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  • Joaquin

    she kinda looks like anna nicole in this pic, no?

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