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by alphamonkey on February 26, 2007 · 2 comments

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Well, another weekend has come and gone, and another year of “What the hell were they thinking?” Oscar results.  I shan’t bore you with the rundown, but here’s IMDB’s list.  I’m sorry Ellen, but Stewart was funnier.

Sony’s imminent Playstation 3 launch in Europe is hitting a pothole with the announcement that PS2 hardware support is being disable in Euro versions.  To date, Sony has not released the list of games this will effect, but it’s not going to be a short one.  So, remind the world again why they should buy a ridiculously priced console with limited titles that won’t support old-gen titles?  I’m pretty sure Sony should change their logo to:  Screwing you over, every single time.

The New Yorker has a fascinating article about the politics of Fox’s “24” which pretty accurately sums up why I don’t enjoy the show.  The worry over how torture is being justified each week to viewers (and potential soldiers) is such that the military actually tried to have a sit down with the show’s producers to focus on alternatives to torture.  Does it really shock anyone that co-creator Joel Surnow masterminded Fox New’s atrocious ’Half Hour News Hour‘ so called comedy show?

Toothpaste For Dinner’s Drew has a fantastic take on why Second Life is so damn dumb. 

Vanity Fair has an informative piece about SAIC, the single largest US government contractor out there whose payroll is bigger than the Department of Housing, Labor, and Energy combined (with $8 billion in rev for 2006).  Groups like SAIC account for nearly 90 percent of taxes collected each year, and operate with little to no official or public oversight.  Fun!

What happens with a popular columnist for Outdoors Magazine (and long time hunting enthusiast) derides the use of assault rifles in hunting and likens them to ‘terrorist weapons’?  He gets dropped from his magazine, his top rated TV show, and his sponsors while the NRA brags about taking him down.  Meet Jim Zumbo, folks. And never, ever piss of the radical 2nd Amendment crowd.

Hmm, kind of a rather cynical and pessimistic collection of links, isn’t it?  Sorry, I’m reading Chris Hedge’s excellent and well reasoned American Fascists: The Chrisitan Right and the War on America, so I’m feeling rather peevish.  (Click here for an excellent interview with Hedges on the CBC show ‘The Hour&#8217wink.

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  • Your Good Twin

    It is genuinely frightening reading the responses to Zumbo’s article.  These guys really believe it’s them against everyone else.  Literally every other post was worried about him segregating them and that they need to stand together.  And they all immediately want to lump him in with “liberals”.  There are so many there that have absolutely no reading comprehension—or more to the point just ignore what he is saying and lapse into their hive minds for preloaded responses.

  • Boss Robot

    Next he’ll tell me I shouldn’t hunt squirrels with my chainsaw launcher

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