Money vs. Time, Talent vs. Skill

by Andy Cochrane on February 2, 2007 · 3 comments

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This video has been featured on the ‘buddha before, it is Lemon Demon’s self produced masterpiece “Word Disassociation”.  This guy (Neil Cicierega) is 100% pure talent.  He cuts his finger and more talent drips on the floor than some people will ever have in their entire bodies, that’s his level of talent.  Don’t believe me?  Peep his resume: internet famous at 14, first album at 17, now at age 19 he’s hit the 5 album mark.  Yeah, I thought so.  So then Joe from the AV Club shows me this video for the SoftLightes’ Heart Made of Sound.

So you see the reason for my title for this comparison, and why I posted this.  I found myself transfixed for the entirety of the Lemon Demon video, and I could listen to that song forever.  The Softlightes song kind of bored me and the video, though infinitely more polished and impressive on a technical level, left me distracted and bored, which as I said earlier this week, is what most music videos do for me.  Interesting, no?

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  • .alphamonkey.

    I see how it is.  You graciously answer my call for guest posts, and then viciously savage one of my favorite musical finds of 2006! 

    I don’t compare Word Disassociation and Heart Made of Sound because, format aside, they’re accomplishing different things.  I adore both these clips equally (though I’ll confess to loving the Softlightes’s tune more than Nick’s.), because they work equally as well for their purpose.

  • The AV Club

    when you said go for the legs, i went for the legs! 

    i don’t think i would have watched the softlightes video all the way through were it not for the purposes of this post- i guess what i am pondering is what does lemon demon have, to me, that they do not?  and i really do not know the answer to that yet.

    that said, music is a highly personal thing, and i think music videos are even more so, which is interesting to me as well, but does not really mean anything necessarily.

  • Your Good Twin

    Now now kids, let’s just agree that lunch is wonderful.

    But I sort of have to back .am. here, I fell in love with that Softlightes song after he posted it.

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