Save the Inernet

by alphamonkey on February 27, 2007 · 5 comments

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Even though a massive grass-roots movement (along with giants like Google) managed to help stall Net Neutrality killing legislation in 2006, the need to codify the Internet’s founding principal of neutrality into law that will prevent abuse and consolidation is still very much an important issue, even if Anna Nicole Smith never talked about it.  A new site looking to push the issue to the forefront has popped up entitled ’Save the Internet‘, and it’s got all the information you need to learn the nuts and bolts of this issue.  Give it a looky-loo

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  • elkciN

    What’s the inernet, and why should I save it?


    Being an asshole gives me such a sick pleasure, I’m beginning to understand YouTube comments. *shudder*

  • Boss Robot

    I would like someone to defend the anti-net neutrality pov. You know, just for kicks

  • Your Good Twin

    Sounds like that Daily Show bit was going in that direction, you should probably try to find that segment.

  • BADD

    Net Nuetrality?  Thats silly.

    What we need is some collars on those tubes.  Make em stronger!  I hate when my tubes get tied up and my internets show up to late.  Man!  That gets me riled.

    Anyway, you know Belgium is nuetral right?  Do they do anything positive……

    Not according to this American!

    In closing I would propose you stop worring about your little piddly web pages and buy a cell phone or something.  Go out and make the rich richer.  Than they can start giving to charities to feed the starving people that use their products.

    Perfect world in my book. 

    (You aren’t a bunch of Commies are you? oO)

  • Muldoon

    Glad you posted this alphamonkey, this is a fairly obvious cause worth fighting for.

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