Sketch Comedy Friday!

by alphamonkey on February 16, 2007 · 1 comment

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In a moment of ineffable whim, I thought perhaps a theme day might be in order.  As you’re no doubt aware, I’m a big fan of the sketch comedy, so today I thought I’d focus a little on the various Internet based sketch groups that consistently tickle my bone del funny.  Now this by no means a complete run down, as there are umpteen million sketch groups out there right now, but more a rundown of the Transbuddha favorites. 

So keep in mind there are groups like Handsome Donkey, Wicked Awesome Films, and ChocolateCakeCity, as well as individuals like Brad Neely, Nick Gibbons, and Sean Klitzner that are putting out quality stuff all the time.

Just to put us in the right frame of mind, here’s a clip from my all time favorite sketch group, Mr. Show with Bob & David.  I’m anxious for the day that one of the groups I’ll be covering today has their own show. 

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  • Your Good Twin

    Haha, hilarious.  Mr. Show is definitely the best sketch comedy ever made.  The highest quality and they even managed to maintain a kind of strange continuity between skits.

    “My shoes hurt!”

    “My shoes hurt too, dad.  My shoes hurt too.”

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