Tales of MySpace Madness: Tom Oatmeal

by alphamonkey on February 15, 2007 · 0 comments

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Meet Tom Oatmeal, a gent whose webspace I wandered across via the Team Tiger Awesome boys.  While his image (see pic) might be enough to intrigue you, what’ll hook you is that Tom is a man of ideas. Big ideas of import and quite possibly a kind of mad brilliance.  He’s a one-breakfastfood-army of great ideas, and he’s looking for your help.  Say, have you ever wanted to invest in a Hollywood movie? Tom’s the guy for you!

There is this scene where a deer emerges from the woods and walks into a schoolhouse.  He makes his way to a classroom and enters.  Everyone is screaming because this deer is stressed out by human contact.  The screams only make the deer go crazier and pretty soon he’s covered in glue and eventually glitter.  This scene is sad, but why?  One half of the audience will say that what makes it sad is the violence and destruction.  The other half of the audience will disagree, believing that the saddest thing about a deer in a classroom is that he probably isn’t there to learn.  However, they’re both wrong.  The saddest thing is this:  The “deer” is really a homeless man.

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