Team Tiger Awesome

by alphamonkey on February 16, 2007 · 0 comments

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What’s there to say about Team Tiger Awesome that’s not already summed up in their name?  Clint Gage, Michael Truly, and Nick Mundy make up the now travel size friendly version of the formerly 5 member Team Tiger Awesome, but personnel shake-ups haven’t slowed them down in the slightest, and their work so far this year has been among the best they’ve produced, and it’s certainly shaping up to be a prolific year to boot.

They first jumped up to ‘net fame with their much beloved 28 Day Slater series for Channel 102, but TTA’s body of work shows that these aren’t guys who are comfortable just resting on a single success.  There’s a kind of sick obsession with the early 90’s that runs through their work, but even a 70’s baby like me can still find a lot to love about it.  The boys have been good friends to Transbuddha in the short time I’ve been showcasing them, but lest ye think I’m just a shameless pimp, I’ll let their excellent work speak for them.

Recommended Viewing:  28 Day Slater, Facebook, Top Gun: A Requiem For Goose, Renny Harlin’s Curly Fries, and Dude… Pizza.

Or just watch everything at their website.

(disclaimer:  I totally did their website, but it was really a code for sex deal, so no biggie.)

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