Ted Wants to Be Your Friend

by alphamonkey on February 2, 2007 · 0 comments

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Ha! Not minutes after I finished re-posting the Jessica Simpson mash below, the ever expanding Transbuddha MySpace account got a couple new friend requests.  Seeing as talking about MySpace is about as thrilling as hearing someone try to recount their half-remembered dream about a talking potato, I only mention it because guess who was one of the requests?  Pizza Hut

Apparently Pizza Hut is indeed moving away from the celebrity / puppet commercial model and trying their sauce covered hand at WOM and viral marketing.  I’m not entirely sure how a MySpace page that explicitly lists the trademark information for Pizza Hut counts as ‘viral’, but I’ll give them credit for stepping away from their patented ‘so family friendly it’s blander than dry bleached flour’ ad focus for the last few years.  Ted, their new everyman pizza delivery guy, has a number of shorts on the page, but the elevator one is probably the best done of the bunch. 

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