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by alphamonkey on February 16, 2007 · 0 comments

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How could I possibly not take some time to cold-stone pimp the awesome AV Club?  I mean, not only is this sprawling collection of actors, comedians, and tech heads putting out some great material, their very own member (and blog god) Andy Cochrane was kind enough to post-sit Transbuddha while I dove headfirst into my baby madness sabbatical.  What astounds me about The AV Club is how wonderfully they’ve integrated technology into their work.  In addition to their 100% improvised live newscast shows (which are jawdroppingly well done), they’re hard at work on what is probably the first Machinima based improv series (title The Complex) using Valve’s vaunted Half-Life 2 engine.  It that’s not enough, they have a new series entitled ’Drunk America‘ that I’m anxiously looking forward to as well.

Somehow they’re still able to produce a number of fantastic short films (nearly all of which we’ve showcased here) that are often great send ups of pop culture, as well as just good comedy. 

Recommended Viewing: The Splooginator, 8 & 1/2 Mile, Survivorman, or just about any of their live newcast shows.

Or see all their shorts here

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