The Dream of Star Wars Wii

by alphamonkey on February 12, 2007 · 8 comments

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In what’s sure to make teh monkey salivate and scream, I give you this little fan film dreaming of how cool it would be to swing a ligtsaber, send out force lightning, or use the force to leviate Stormtrooprs and smash them against any convenient hard object, with with Wiimote.  Pretty darn cool!

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  • elkciN

    That would be pretty sweet.

    And now I have a Wii to play it on.

    I demand someone get to work on this immediately.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You got a Wii?

    You are dead to me, you hear?  DEAD TO ME!

  • elkciN

    What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of all the fun I’m having. I had a ton of people over last night, and the bowling action was tremendous. At least when we stopped making Mii’s (how the hell do you pluralize that?). Gonna try and get it online tonight, ‘borrowing’ a wireless router from work. Virtual Console, here I come. Now I just need to find more Wiimotes/Nunchucks.

    Oh, and just so you know: Zelda is fantastic. It was very, very difficult to fight the urge to call in sick today (just got the Wii yesterday).

  • Your Good Twin

    Lucas Arts are practically being douche bags about this whole thing.  We get 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, and DS versions of this new game, but they’re not going to make a Wii one?  Or just a Wii game on its own?  Everyone WANTS it and it would sell STUPID well.  The shit should have been announced and PLAYABLE at E3 and yet still we hear nothing.

    Bunch of asspunchers.

  • elkciN

    I’m posting this from my Wii.

    Suck it.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You’re lucky I don’t know where you live, mister.  Very, very lucky.

  • Jacomo

    Feel completely free to make fun of me, but the closest thing to this now is the Dragonball Z game for the Wii. You actually make the movements to throw fireballs and some punches. It’s like when we all(don’t deny it) would dragon punch our buddies in High School/College and yell “Sho Ryu Ken”! Please excuse me, I’m off to dragon punch the first person I find.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I so need to rent that now.

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