The Return of the Monkey

by alphamonkey on February 2, 2007 · 0 comments

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Well, kinda, at least.  I mean, it is Friday after all.  Baby Madness is still the order of the day here at Casa del Monkey, but things have calmed down enough so that I’ll be working my way back up to full posting duties by the end of next week.  I’ve got some link love for you today, starting with that old chestnut of a game, Pong. 

But oh no, this isn’t your Grandmother’s pong.  This is Pong the way it was meant to be played: As a turn based text game. Oh, snap!

Ah, the famous ‘Microsoft Class of 1978’ photo (see image).  Not only is it a great look at the beginnings of the software giant, it’s chock full of 70’s awesomeness.  Coding Horror goes a step further however, and tracks down what became of everyone in it.  Neat.

I’m still without an Nintendo Wii (a fact that galls me to no end, I assure you), but I’m pretty sure that the guy who hacked his Wiimote into the control mechanism for a massive sword-wielding robot arm can totally kick your ass at Wii Tennis.

And for those of you anxiously counting the seconds until you can own an iPhone (*cough*suckers*cough*), you might look into picking up this handy add-on to keep your eventual jubilation from gunking up the screen.

And finally a brief note:  I know some of you are less than happy with the recent reliance on embeds like YouTube, but I have to break your hearts and tell you that it will continue for a little bit.  We’re fast running out of hard drive space on the Buddha server, so until we can get some upgrade love in place, it’ll continue.  Thanks for understanding.

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