The Sad Little GM Robot

by alphamonkey on February 7, 2007 · 2 comments

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This was a pretty darn good ad.  If GM put the same people in charge of development and marketing (instead of those that killed the electric car in favor of the Hummer) maybe they wouldn’t be looking at record losses every year (thus making it necessary to layoff all these depressed little robots).  I wonder if the guys who made the ad got the irony.

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  • .alphamonkey.

    I’m forced to speak up here, as I thought this a most tasteless ad, especially considering the layoffs that GM has initiated as of late.  How ridiculous and insane an idea that we should somehow feel sorry for the single element of a GM production line that can’t be fired, especially when it’s just a dream.  Truly awful.

  • elkciN

    Not to mention that robots having emotions and dreams is never, ever a good thing.

    I totally agree with you on the lack of taste, though, considering a relative of mine was just laid off by GM.

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