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Sweet slippery sand dunes!  It’s not often I’ll post a straight music post, but once you take a listen to Tinariwen, you’ll understand why.  Tinariwen is a kind of gypsy jam band of Tuareg ex-revolutionary fighters who once rode into battle with “Kalashnikovs in their arms and Stratocasters across their backs”.  They’ve been playing together since the early Eighties, when their songs had a lot to do with stirring up the youth in Mali to take up arms against their oppressive government.  Over 20 years later, they’re still poet-soldiers, and they still kick a lot of musical ass.  Consider it desert blues if you will that’s just as influenced by the Dead and Hendrix as their own struggles. 

Sadly (for me, at least) the new album is only available digitally in the UK, but it’s available right now in the States as an import via Amazon.  You can also listen to a couple tracks on their website.  I wholeheartedly urge you to do so.  This is some amazing stuff.  I must have listened to “Mano Dayak” a dozen times in a row.

For some more info, you can check out this Independent UK article, or check our their Wikipedia article

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  • BADD

    Wow, absolutely sweet tunes.

    I love music with feeling behind it.  THese folks have plenty in store.  Great sadness and joy play in the music, and I am guessing if you translated the lyrics, you would hear the same.

    Thanks for letting me in on this AM.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    It’s an astoundingly good album all around, so now I’m on the hunt for their earlier works. 

    My favorite part:  These guys make poser thugs like 50 Cent look like the pussies they really are. Hard life?  You got no idea, Fiddy.

  • BADD

    The sad part is that these guys don’t have to have any cred like that to be “good”.  Their music stands on it’s own.

    I would like to see what kind of response 50 would get if he had not been shot.  I can take a Marvin Gaye song cut it up and ryme over it, do I get a grammy?

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