Transbuddha’s Super Bowl Ad-stravaganza!

by alphamonkey on February 6, 2007 · 2 comments

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Over the next couple of days we’ll be taking a look at ads from Super Bowl XLI (Yah Colts!).  Overall I felt letdown by the ads, which weren’t as good as the actual game for a change, but there were a couple nuggets here and there.

To start with here’s FedEx’s “Moon Office.”

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  • elkciN

    I agree, the ads sucked this year. The only ones I found even slightly interesting (that I can remember) was the Garmin Ultraman ad, and the Doritos fan-made one. Most everyone else I talk to thought the mouse ad and the taco bell lions ads were great, but I’m pretty sick of CGI animals by now.

    But hey, at least we got a kick-ass Prince half-time show. I’m almost positive Prince used his magical powers to make it rain, just so he could play Purple Rain.

  • Thewellis

    ah the superbowl. never has such a sporting event passed the rest of the world by so easily. which is odd seeing as it is a corporate venture.

    although it is shown here in the uk its at 2 in the morning. meaning to some people the superbowl is too meaningless to stay up. however a local bar of mine has all night superbowl, with discount beer, wooo. finishing sometime monday morning ready for a new day drunk.

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